a moral directive to end war

July 12, 1988

Retyped text of a half-page handout/flyer:


Because today's world is ruled so much by the believers in science, its technologies, its method of thought, and its theories about the nature of reality, in the name of the generations to come we call upon scientists everywhere to correct their thinking and accept a moral directive to end war, the threat of war, and its economic burden, forever.

Because of today's dangers from nuclear power and fossil fuel power pollutions which threaten humans and earth's ecology, we call upon scientists everywhere to seriously investigate recently developed new "over-unity" electric power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power technologies with their attendant dangers, pollutions, and national economic security dependencies.

Santa Barbara's United States Congressman Robert Lagomarsino has repeatedly introduced Congressional legislation to further "over-unity" technology developed by Mississippi inventor Joe Newman. Since Santa Barbara scientists Bruce E. DePalma has been internationally recognized for his fundamental discoveries regarding previously unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties which led to the discovery of his "N-Machine" over-unity generator, and because the government of India has taken up this new technology adopted there by Paramahamsa Tewari (head of quality control for India's Nuclear Power Board), and because Tewari's supporters included Bruce DePalma and the University of Texas' Dr. John A. Wheeler (developer of the H-Bomb, the neutron bomb, and the breeder reactor), we hereby petition U.C.S.B's U.S. national Institute for Theoretical Physics to at least open its doors to investigating this research, for the benefit of our planet and the life upon her, by arranging a colloquium there, featuring Bruce DePalma, Paramahamsa Tewari, and John Wheeler, as soon as possible.

Please sign your endorsement on the back of this page and give this to a California State Peace Marcher for delivery July 12, 1988 at 1 p.m. to University of California at Santa Barbara Institute for Theoretical Physics; afterward please submit to The Mesa School, 2520 Mesa School Lane, Santa Barbara 93109, 966-2813

---------------------end handout text

When the California State Peace March arrived at UCSB on its way from northern California to the Nevada Nuclear Test site, some of the walkers escorted Bruce DePalma to the office of the head of the UCSB Institute for Theoretical Physics, Dr. Robert Shrieffer, and had an interview with him in the doorway, somewhat confrontational, after which Shrieffer wrote DePalma a formal letter and DePalma wrote him a letter back as a result demanding his resignation. A few months later Shrieffer resigned. This was after delivering the 1986 independent test report of Stanford University professor emeritus of electrical engineering Robert Kincheloe verifying the incremental over-unity performance of the Sunburst n-Machine or "S-Machine" also discussed with this letter exchange at the DePalma website:

The current Sunburst website is: