Allentown Mayor's letter

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[City Seal]

City of Allentown

City Hall
435 Hamilton Street
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18101-1699

William L. Heydt
(610) 437-7546
Fax (610) 437-8730

January 23, 1995

The "Global Peace Walk Project"
187 Haight Street, Suite 8
San Francisco, California 94117

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the citizens of Allentown, Pennsylvania, I extend my greetings to all the participants in the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk '95.

As mayor of a diverse community where people of different races, ethnicities, and religions live together in harmony, we salute your efforts to raise the world community's consciousness on the importance of achieving peace and prosperity for humanity.

Best wishes for a safe and successful journey and I look forward to hearing of your continued success.



William L. Heydt

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