The World Peace March Report from Washington DC

This is a report from the World Peace March transcribed from DCW's handwriting on a page copied to mail home from DC:

The World Peace March

Washington, D. C.

May 15, 1982

Today over one hundred fifty people walked 5 miles together passing through Washington, D.C with 35-40 people beating the hand drums and chanting in prayer an admonition for the respect of True One Law -- this to give rise to the one law for tranquility of the nations and for the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. For three days ending yesterday over 60 people participated in all day fasting and the drum chanting by 30 at Lafayette Park facing The White House across the street.

Before the peace march today, Santa Barbaran Mary Jane Bagwell gave the opening speech in an hour long ecumenical program featuring messages by Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Native American religious leaders and their prayers for the success of the World Peace March in its support of the second United Nations Special Session on Disarmament whose goal is the implementation of a comprehensive plan for complete world disarmament.

Press and other media coverage of the World Peace March in Washington, D.C. has been minimal with the noteworthy exception that Soviet television covered today's events and interviewed Mary Jane.

May 16, 1982

The World Peace March leader, Gyoten Yoshida-shoni conferred in two workshops, at the Jewish Temple Sinai, about UNSSD II. He pointed out President Reagan's expressed conviction that a limited nuclear war could be fought and won by the United States without it escalating into global nuclear war. This is incorrect, Rev. Yoshida assured us. He said a serious situation is developing on the Korean peninsula and that a local nuclear war could break out there at any time. He also said that people who remain silent about these problems we face indeed are contributing to them. Judaism and Buddhism united in the common commitment to propagate the one law for uniting the nations in harmony as one.

--------end of transcribed report of David Crockett Williams