Conscience Resolution Campaign for
"Global Peace Now!"
As the Universal Human Resolve

Daily Trojan

Student Newspaper of the

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California

Thursday, April 11, 2002

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Crystal Lauderdale/Daily Trojan

Meditating in McCarthy

Deep thoughts. David Crockett Williams, Jr., initiator of the Conscience Resolution Campaign for "Global Peace Now!" demonstrates a meditative tool inspired by Chemistry to Mery Vargas, a junior majoring in education, Sama Hunter, a junior majoring in history, and visitor Linda Baccaro at McCarthy Quad Wednesday.

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What is shown is my sitting under a six foot scale tetrahedral lattice explaining its properties for meditating on a different geometry system, the tetrahedral coordinate system instead of the normal Cartesian coordinate system of up and down and right and left and back and front, ie, North, South, East, West, which relate to "objective reality reference frame" while the tetrahedral coordinates are good for referencing relative to the observer. This I call the "tetramentation system".