Speech to UCSB Scientists and Engineers for Responsible Technology

Speech of October 2, 1987 by David Crockett Williams at U.C.S.B. Engineering Building, SERT Rally (Scientists and Engineers for Responsible Technology) [spoken at a rally located outside UCSB engineering building]

First I want to thank Paul Steinberg of U.C.S.B's Scientists and Engineers for Responsible Technologies (SERT) for inviting me to speak to you here today.

Today in India is being celebrated the birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a modern day spiritual champion of non-violence who employed what he called "Sathya-Graha", which means "Truth-Force". Just as the force of truth empowered the spiritual/political revolution in India, so now will the force of truth empower today's beginning of the 1987-1988 American Scientific/Spiritual Revolution: To bring thought and technology into perfect harmony with the natural order, and thereby bring about true world peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Barbara S. Uehling as the new chancellor here at this Santa Barbara campus of the University of California which has administered the development of all United States nuclear weapons. On July 15, ten weeks ago, the 42nd anniversary of the first atomic bomb test near Alamogordo, New Mexico, Dr. Uehling enjoyed a welcoming ceremony conducted for her at U.C.S.B.'s Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument by members of the local peace movement including: A Japanese Buddhist Monk (formerly from Nagasaki, Japan); President Harry Truman's former speech writer; the director of Santa Barbara's Peace Resource Center; the eldest Santa Barbaran who walked across country last year with the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (which was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) and who subsequently walked in the Leningrad to Moscow American/Soviet Peace Walk returning just in time to participate July 15; myself, David Crockett Williams, and American Peace Movement organizer; and many others.

As you may know, the eternal flame on this U.C.S.B. peace monument has been extinguished for some time now, supposedly because no one at U.C.S.B. can figure out how to fix it so the wind can't blow out the flame. At that July 15 ceremony I called for a refurbishing of the monument and a relighting of the eternal flame, and I raised a challenge to the U.C.S.B. scientific establishment including the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP), to apply its mind-power as strongly for the cause of world peace as the U.C.-run nuclear weapons labs have applied scientific mind-power for war.

Today I challenge the science and technology students of U.C.S.B. to accept the responsibility for wind-proofing this Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument (which is located in the lawn just southeast of Ellison Hall's ITP) in time for its relighting ceremony, which Santa Barbara's Mayor Sheila Lodge has confirmed during her recent visit to the Soviet Union on a schedule for noon, Friday, October 30, just four weeks from today. The flame will be re-lit jointly by the mayor of Santa Barbara and the visiting mayor of Santa Barbara's new Soviet sister-city of Yalta.

This may be U.C.S.B.'s most important peace gathering to be covered by the international media, and the date is set -- so we need your concentrated cooperation. During my recent interview with Chancellor Uehling, her only concern about this ceremony was an uncertainty over whether the monument could be readied in time. Please rise to this challenge and see that this peace monument is refurbished as soon as possible.

Earlier this week, Chancellor Uehling spoke to the prestigious Channel City Club in Montecito. The television news that evening reported her statement that the University should foster the development of new technologies. Right now, the University of California is seeking the federal contract for a proposed multi-billion dollar Superconducting Super Collider (SSC). Millions of dollars of California taxes are right now being wasted to seek this contract for California; wasted because new empirical research invalidates the very physics upon which this gigantic "pork barrel" project is based and this research (about the heretofore apparently unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties) has been suppressed, by intention or stupidity, at U.C.S.B. for over the past five years.

The future of science and technology brought into harmony with nature can only be viewed through a window unclouded by the presently taught and acknowledged compromise of the truth about the nature of light; the Achilles Heel of Modern Science; the hollow cornerstone of today's scientific establishment. When it is taught and believed that the true and correct value of the quantity C^2 [in E=mC^2] is "for all intents and purposes the same as the scalar value of the square of the speed of light", the truth about light is compromised and any mind so compromised is out of harmony with the natural order -- and thereby is completely incapable of perceiving truth and morality accurately.

We are on the threshold of a new age in science and technology when corrected consciousness is producing discoveries to replace nuclear and fossil fuel technologies, and thereby eliminate their attendant dangers and pollutions such as smog and acid rains. This Spring a researcher in India named Paramahamsa Tewari, who is the head of the quality control board of the national government of India's Department of Atomic Energy, [Nuclear Power Corporation] was awarded a prize at Hanover, Germany, for his "over-unity" electric power generator patterned after the research of Santa Barbara's M.I.T. educated experimental physicist Bruce E. DePalma (elder brother of film-maker Brian DePalma). Based on an 1832 discovery of Michael Faraday, and employing the modern machining technology necessary to provide very low resistance electrical "brush" contacts, a spinning magnetized cylinder generates electricity from its axel to perimeter of such magnitude that only a portion of this output (20% in Tewari's device) is required to drive a motor to spin the magnet. This independent 1978 discovery of DePalma, dubbed the N-Machine because of the large number of applications of its principles, was first tested in 1979 in Santa Barbara and witnessed then by investigators of the United States Department of Energy which subsequently in 1980 helped establish U.C.S.B.'s ITP.

When I first approached then ITP director Dr. Walter Kohn about the evaluation and significance of DePalma's empirical experimental research regarding the influence of rotation on physical properties such as the gravitational and inertial properties of mass, Dr. Kohn explained to me that he was a "theoretical" physicist and, since he "had never even been in an experimental physics lab", before he could evaluate these results (which if true would be "very significant") he would have to see them duplicated and verified by an experimental physicist of whose qualifications he was certain. When he and others at ITP were pressed for the name of such a person, none were ever offered. Because these empirically observed and accurately measured new facts are so severely at odds with the "established body of knowledge" in modern physics, the "theorists" seem so afraid that their cherished theories will be invalidated that they refuse to face reality truthfully. When new facts contradict previous explanations, we must develop new explanations, not deny the new fats because we think our explanations are so wonderful (or so profitable). My periodic efforts during the past six years to open a constructive dialogue with the U.C.S.B. physics establishment, about these truly revolutionary physical discoveries, have been consistently rejected. Dr. Kohn's response to the N-Machine test verification report, issued last year by Stanford University electrical engineering professor emeritus Dr. Robert Kincheloe, was that it was "inconclusive". When earlier this year I submitted to Dr. Kohn a technical paper, written for the I.E.E.E. by Tewari of India detailing how his 12 year old Space Vortex Theory explains the operation of his over-unity generator, Dr. Kohn's response was that he was "not interested". Why is he not interested? Is he ignorant? Is he stupid? Is he interested in thinking and talking so much about the physics and technologies of weapons and war that he is not interested in investigating the physics behind proven ecologically beneficial technologies which can eliminate major obstacles to world peace and worldwide prosperity?

If Dr. Kohn really was morally opposed to the U.C. administration of the nuclear weapons labs, why did he not say so before the recent renewal of that contract with the U.C.? He was perceived by the news media as the leading figure among scientists dissenting from the decision to renew this contract, yet he was quoted as saying that he just wanted the U.C. to "take a more active role in the management of the labs". Why is this man constantly lecturing and teaching about the technologies of war and destruction under the banner of the peace movement?

How much does the U.C. get for administering those labs? How much of that amount is under the control of people like Dr. Kohn? How much money would be received if California and U.C. get the SSC contract? Why was the present director of ITP heading up ex-Chancellor Huttenback's defense committee? Is this why research, which invalidates all the theories behind the SSC, is being suppressed by intention or stupidity? Scientists and technologists who have sold their minds to the highest bidders are mental prostitutes whose stupidity in the nuclear age is a distinct public menace. Why is President Reagan pushing for more Contra aid and the SSC?

I challenge you today to investigate the facts behind what I have said. Do the experiments and see for yourselves. Don't believe in theories before fact. Question the highest authorities in science today. Look to the future and see the way to correct the mind of science into harmony with the perfect truth of the natural order. Let us together bring about a true American Scientific/Spiritual Revolution to clean up our planet, to end war and hunger and homelessness, and to righteously and proudly create true world peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth, by simply using the irresistible force of truth: "Sathya-Graha".


David Crockett Williams jr @ The Mesa School, 966-2813

[handwritten note added after the speech:]

November 9, 1987 Today is the ninth day of testing for DePalma's manufacturer's prototype model n-Machine after 9 years development and 2 years of construction. See it for yourself - contact DePalma Institute 969-6442

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Note the new director of ITP mentioned above was Dr. Robert Shrieffer who in 2005 was sentenced to prison in California for killing someone while speeding in his car driving without a license because it had been revoked for repeated reckless driving in Florida, and then lying to the California authorities to try to avoid punishment. The previous UCSB Chancellor, whose legal defense committee Shrieffer headed was convicted and fired from UCSB for misappropriation of funds. There is a 1988 letter exchange between Shrieffer and DePalma on the DePalma website here Bruce called for Shrieffer's resignation from ITP which happened a few months later before he moved to Florida.