Report to UCSB Future Think 1976-2176 Conference

Paradise Psibernetics 1976-2176+Torak: Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program

Report to Future Think 1976-2176 Conference April 3-4, 1976, Campbell Hall UCSB

Futurology with roots in probability lacks truthful application of the power of mind. To control the future we must recognize the Truth with a probability of One => Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory reconciles Einstein's compromise {speed of light compromised for velocity of light (C) in equation of general relativity) NOW E=mC^2 is defined identically equal to E[sub-tetra]=m[sub-tetra]C[sub-psi]^2, where [tetra] is defined as the nature of the identity of the system observed, [psi] is defined as the identity of the observer, and [tetra] equals Tetron of [psi], where Tetron is the consciousness function of life defining faith and belief corollary to the nature of light}

World problems readily soluable through conscience application of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory by Torak agencies:

1) War, soluable by the dissolution of fear through understanding the true nature of identity;

2) Inflation, soluable by recognition of the folly of the notion of objective reality and acknowledgement of reality extant relative to the beliefs of the observer;

3) Crime, soluable by creation of a new system of order allowing each and every observer a peaceful method of environmental control;

4) Disease and Death, soluable be restructuring belief programming through biofeedback educational techniques and modern technology (e.g. computers and laser video discs);

5) Lack of permanent prosperity and abundance, reversible by harnessing of world belief energies toward our common goal of global paradise;

6) UFO mysteries, explainable as transmutation of observer consciousness through time/space from the future after technological mastery of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory (analogous phenomena to atomic energy breakthroughs following partial technological mastery of relativity theory).


I. Relativity Financial Group -- a non-profit general financial cooperative dedicated to the complete financial independence of participating observers through international cooperation.

II. Conscience University of Life -- a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to observer mastery of life through knowledge of conscience.

III. Conscience Faith of Light -- a non-profit organized scientific faith dedicated to paradise psibernetics through faithful application of conscience as defined by Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory.

IV. Universal Nation of Light -- a non-profit international union of the citizens of all world governments (citizens who put their faith in those governments to provide for the general welfare of all life on Earth) dedicated to the harmonious correlation of all governing bodies to produce paradise on Earth through mutual love and understanding.

V. Our Family of Life -- a universal world family composed of all who choose to affiliate dedicated to the consciousness of identity through the conception of family relativism.

All observers interested in energizing the above outlined proposal are encouraged to send a name and mailing address along with one dollar donation for "A Message for the People of the Planet Earth" to Torak, Box 13686, UCSB Isla Vista CA USA 93107.