The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage
Return to Tukunavi

The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage

Return to Tukunavi

April 4, 1983 to May 17, 1983

A World Peace March

From: Santa Barbara, California
To: The Black Mesa, Arizona

For the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

The Tetronic Age Begins



THE GREAT PLANETARY PEACE PILGRIMAGE took its inspiration from a peace walk conducted, during January of 1978 from Santa Barbara to the Santa Monica annual meeting of the International Cooperation Council, for the purpose of introducing the participating monks of Nipponzan Myohoji to the great Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya. That Great American Peace Pilgrimage was begun at a sunrise prayer ceremony in Isla Vista conducted by a local Chumash spiritual leader who sent the owl clan prayer staff along with the peace walk.


The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage, a World Peace March, is conceived to be an intercultural event whose participants from many cultural, national, and religious backgrounds walk together and live together in a peace camp community which travels across the land demonstrating the power of mental unity. Routes are planned to span the planet and let the message be spread through the available media that all human beings can live in peace and harmony regardless of language and belief differences, without violence or the threat of violence.

THE RED SYMBOL was employed to this end on July 4, 1974, to deliver the knowledge of Tetron following portents of the fulfillment of prophecy relating to the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. Again on June 6, 1977, the red symbol was employed on the first four days of the Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage covering the distance on foot from Oraibi to The Black Mesa area in northeastern Arizona.

TUKUNAVI is an aboriginal name for this area regarded for centuries as the spiritual heart center of our planet, and an area that scientific tests reportedly confirm has uniquely powerful geo-electric activity. On June 12, 1977, a sacred dedication was made at the end of that peace pilgrimage to inspire from Tukunavi a universal nation of light for our family of life. The site of this dedication is the destination for the "Return to Tukunavi" route of The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage scheduled from Santa Barbara, California.

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA holds a position of world leadership in the modern era of correct thought beginning as the Tetronic Age. Bridging science and religion with political and economic ideologies, the Tetronic Age ushers in the condition of true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

THE TETRONIC AGE is itself emerging to unify and harmonize the thinking of humankind in the one truth of true one law. May this, the one law, arise to subjugate and nullify the disharmony of un-natural and iniquitous styles of fashion enforced through conditioned regulations.

TETRON, the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, is the correction factor eliminating uncertainty about the one law. Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory was completed in Santa Barbara from July of 1974 through April of 1977 as an attempt to put the one law into the mathematical language of chemistry for the explanation of all physical reality, all events in nature no matter where and no matter when. The insight for the conclusion of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory came from a walking experience using the prayer drum of Nipponzan Myohoji.

Nipponzan Myohoji is a religious order of thought founded many years ago by the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii to propagate the power of the word Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo for the cause of genuine world peace. The prayer drum of Nipponzan Myohoji was taken up by Mahatma Gandhi for the success of the non-violent spiritual revolution of thought. So also have this drum and this word been taken up by others.



The main participants will be marching as Planetary Peace Pilgrims in training for assignments around the world. Planetary Peace Pilgrim candidates must be prepared to offer a total commitment for the entire year of 1983 in Peace Camp management.

All participants expenses will be paid by producers, but no earnings. However, job and housing placement will be available upon completion of commitment time.

Applications and job descriptions are available by mail from General Agency Services, Message Center 108, at 1810 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93109.


As this event moves along the route, daily opportunities are made available at the Peace Camp Stage for popular entertainers, speakers, and public personalities to make presentations in support of the Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage.

Coverage of the event is to stimulate stories, songs, books, photos, radio, television, feature film, audio and video cassette, and video disc program reproductions.

Production personnel candidates may call General Agency Services at 805-966-0825, Message Center 108, for application and production plan.