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World Peace March Message of the Global Guruji Nichidatsu Fujii
"Believe and honor these words, this message"

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(Translation by Yumiko Miyazaki revised 03December2003)


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"The Time Has Come"

The World Peace March Message to the Opening Plenary Session

World Assembly of Religious Workers

From/By: The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985)

April 22, 1981

Na-mu Myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo

The time has come. The time has come when we can no longer contain the urge to do something and rush out to the streets. The time has come to look up to the heavens, to prostrate on the earth, to voice our grief and to share it with everyone. This is what the great peace walk is all about, what the World Assembly of Religious Workers is about.

The Great Bodhisattva Nichiren wrote in the Chie-Bokoku-Gosho:

"The great evil portends the coming of the great good."

"When the entire world is in a quagmire of war, there is utterly no doubt that (Na-mu Myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo) would widely spread throughout the world."

What is the great evil? It is the great world war, which would annihilate humanity, completely destroy cities and bring down all civilization. Among all types of great wars, it would be the great warfare of nuclear weapons developed in modern times. The great nuclear warfare has not yet occurred anywhere on the face of the earth. However, its preparation is well underway, as reflected in the nuclear arms race. Should it break out, not a single creature would be able to continue to inhabit the earth, its waters or sky.

Approximately 100 thousand people were killed instantaneously by a single atomic bomb unleashed on Hiroshima by the United States at the end of World War II. The United States and the Soviet Union now possess stockpiles of nuclear warheads equivalent to one million Hiroshima bombs. One hundred billion people would be killed in the event of a total nuclear warfare. During the six years of World War II, approximately fifty million lives were lost. It would only require seconds in an all-out nuclear war to kill fifty million people. The development of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems will not cease without a major disaster occurring on a global scale within the next twenty years.

The Great Bodhisattva Nichiren prophesized in the Rissho-Ankoku-Ron:

"The two among the three disasters prophesized in the Mahasaghata Sutrahave have already manifested, leaving the third disaster to come, namely, the disaster of war."

The United States of America was the first to develop nuclear weapons, weapons of human annihilation. It was also the United States of America that was the first to use nuclear weapons in war. It is again the United States of America that is possessed of the illusion that nuclear weapons are the guardians of peace, is further engaging in their development, production, stockpiling and trade, and is thus intimidating and casting fear over the entire humanity. Yet the grave crime committed by the United States in opening the gate of the inferno has neither been reflected upon nor repented either by its Presidents or General McArthur to this very day. Not a single soul in the world has as yet passed judgment or denounced this crime. The Allied Forces of World War II and the conscientious people of the world were aghast by the use of nuclear weapons, but have looked on without taking any action. This complicity in itself has caused today's threat of human annihilation.

While the death toll is mounting due to lack of food and clothing, certain percentages of the GNP are invested in the nuclear arms race, which is violence that causes death and destruction in the name of national security, based on the assertion that they protect lives and the assets of nations.

When a governmental order is all the authority it takes to justify violence such as murder, destruction and various other criminal acts against other countries and their people, then this has a grave effect on young people's outlook on life. They would then come to consider the use of violence as a matter of course in social life. The public in general would also eventually be desensitized to acts of violence. No matter how many courts and jails are built, when the morality of the people is seared, then serious crimes such as murder, robbery and rape will be committed in broad daylight in the face of the public and the very fabric of social order collapses.

A prime example of such agony is seen in the United States. Presidents are assassinated. Members of Congress are murdered. Peligious people and even bystanders are of no eception. Murder is committed indiscriminately. Everything from money to all types of belongings is stolen and women are raped. Crimes initially seen in cities such as New York are gradually spreading to rural areas throughout the country, leaving no place safe in the United States.

An American citizen cried out, "America, what an unfortunate country. The number of serious crimes has increased to a level that is the highest in history." Starting with the Head of the State the entire population has been disgraced and so the very existence of the United States as a country is doomed.

At 2PM on March 30, 1981, I was preparing this manuscript in Japan. At 2PM in on March 31, 1981 (March 30 in Japan) in the United States, President Reagan was shot by a student in its Capitol, Washington D.C. Was this a coincidence or an inevitability?

The spiritual degeneration of the United States is not only evident in the shooting of its President, but is also evinced by its defeat in the Vietnam War. The hit-and-run of a Japanese freight vessel, Nissho-Maru, by a US submarine, Washington, off the coast of Kagoshima is another recent example.

Let us now turn our eyes toward Japan. Japan is not only supporting the multiple war policies of the United States through the US-Japan Security Treaty, but an argument asserting the constitutionality of the Self Defense Forces and calling for amendment of the Peace Constitution has now arisen. Just taking reported cases alone, of violence in the family such as youth beating their parents to death, exceeds a thousand cases. This violence at home is called domestic violence. Students are assaulting and causing injuries of their teachers at school. Even the honorable graduation ceremony cannot be performed without security provided by the police. This is called school violence. These young people grow up to be Self Defense Force members who look at force and violence to be almighty. They can even create emergency legislation that would enable Japan to go to war with other nations, based on the arbitrary decision of a single Commander in Chief. The United States is frequently urging Japan to intensify its armaments.

However, the Golden Phrase, "The great evil portends the coming of the great good," teaches us that the great evil manifested by the United States may be seen as a good omen of its deliverance. The shooting of the President was attempted as a punishment for the criminality of the United States that seeks to establish military superiority and incites wars of aggression to dominate the globe. The US defeat in the Vietnam War was a result of an extensive anti-Vietnam War movement among its own people, the anti-war attitude among its own soldiers, and the moral and spiritual determination of the Vietnamese people to save their land, which was inspired by the conscientious peoples of the world condemning the United States in the international criminal court of justice.

The United States and the Soviet Union involved in an extensive arms race, so as to secure victory in the event of an all-out global nuclear war, have now started to realize that, on the contrary, they are faced with inconceivable danger. Thus, it was mutually agreed by the two countries to preserve their lands as sanctuary where strategic nuclear weapons would not be used. They schemed to have nuclear weapons only on territories of other smaller and weaker nations or satellite countries. This is what is known as "limited nuclear warfare". The Soviet Union and the United States, the framers of limited nuclear warfare, met with each other and plotted to destroy weaker and smaller countries while securing their own lands as sanctuaries. However, these sanctuaries will most likely perish and turn into ashes before the smaller and weaker countries are destroyed.

To begin with, the nuclear arms race was initiated when the Soviet Union developed its own nuclear weapons because of its distrust and fear towards its ally, the United States, and its nuclear weapons. In fear of the Soviet Union's nuclear development, the United States improved the destructive power of its nuclear weapons by further increasing its military budget. How could nuclear weapons accumulated in this manner be stockpiled without being exploded in a world of confrontation by two superpowers?

Although we cannot predict where the next world war will break out, it is most likely that it would be triggered by conflicts between the two great nuclear powers, the Soviet Union and the United States. In order to prevent a world war that is imminent, as well as to achieve nuclear disarmament, it is essential to alter the dangerous nuclear war policies of these two countries. To this end we must first transform the arrogant mind-set, of the people who seek global dominance, into a mentality for construction of global peace. In order to convert them towards the road to peace, all the nations of the world must first and foremost unilaterally abandon the concept of defending their country through arms, renounce all arms including nuclear weapons, and denounce the right to make war.

Furthermore, countries must not resort to violence in any international conflict and instead need to seek peaceful resolutions. The police force should be the only means for maintaining domestic social order.

All conscientious voices and religious belief of awakened people under such governments need to be integrated, to ring the bell of warning to the people of the United States and the Soviet Union.

"Thee shalt quickly alter thy narrow faith and promptly seek refuge in the Unitary Good of the Genuine Dharma. The triple world will then become the realm of the Buddha. How could the realm of the Buddha see decline. Thee shalt quickly alter thy narrow faith and promptly seek refuge in the Unitary Good of the Genuine Dharma. The triple world will then become the realm of the Buddha. How could the realm of the Buddha possibly see decline? All ten directions are of the Sacred land. How could The Sacred Land possibly be destroyed? When the country sees no decline, and the land sees no destruction then our bodies are safe, and our minds tranquil. Believe and honor these words, this message."

(Translation by Yumiko Miyazaki, revised 03Dec03 - 9:45amPST)