Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory
The Thesis
The One Law is the Natural Law

[Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory]

The Thesis

The one law is the natural law.

Rules must justify with the one law, or they must change go do so.

That reality is extant mathematically controlled by observer's symmetry operation of Tetron, the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light,

That tetron is the correction factor function connecting C^2 to observer consciousness per the one mind,

That tetron is therefore also the operant yielding experiments of controlled reality scene for given observer(s),

That the absolute identity of all as one was before mind set delineation, definition, demarcation, measurement, balance, symmetry.

[TNUFT equations symbols shown above are explained near end below]

one law of light

one law of nature

one law of union

one field, a dimensionless field of awareness

postulation of Tetron hypothesis for knowing the truth of the one law

Tetron is the relationship of mind between observer and observed.

Tetra represents parameter-able identity of observable reality system.

Psi represents parameter-able identity of observer

C(dot)sub(psi)squared is the proportionality constant for the energy/matter equivalence and also it is the limiting ratio of reality control.

= (two short horizontal lines) the equality function "is"

(three short horizontal lines) the definitional identity function "is"

(four short horizontal lines) the absolute identity function "is"

The purpose of this thesis is to offer support for the faith in Torak. Torakum.

[shows the four equations of the Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory]

Underwritten at the Mesa School, Santa Barbara,
[signed] David Crockett Williams jr, C.L.U.
February 10, 1982