Sciencegate and the Oxygen Crisis

Santa Barbara News Press

Saturday, October 8, 1988

Saturday Forum

The Question: What issues would you ask the presidential candidates to address?

World's 'oxygen crisis' is worst threat

Bush and Dukakis (and even Reagan) should most of all consider the implications of "Sciencegate and the Oxygen Crisis." It is a 20-year death threat to all life on Earth due to the massive consumption of oxygen by fossil fuel combustion combined with reduction in oxygen due to deforestation and pollution destruction of oceanic phytoplankton (50 percent of Earth's oxygen source and the beginning of the oceanic food chain).

Another critical issue is how to correct the moral values of governments by recognizing, as criminal, the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined with the continuous U.S. threat to use nuclear weapons. We demand nuclear disarmament and deactivation of nuclear power plants.

To correct America's moral values is also to correct U.S. treatment of the Native American nations, and to recognize their spiritual teachings regarding the preservation of life on Earth and the balance of nature.

I think each candidate should address the homeless situation both as to causes and cures. Also, what concrete steps should be taken to solve the drug problems in our society? How might this relate to the Contragate CIA "drugs for arms" policies?

When will we see the folly of the notion that world peace, or true personal or national security, can be enforced by violence and the threat of violence? How can we secure the release of the hostages from the Islamic extremists, and of the American MIAs and POWs from Southeast Asia? How can we change the American economy from a death-based, military, fossil-fuel economy to a life-based, world peace and prosperity, free-energy economy?

David Crockett Williams
Santa Barbara