April 11, 1978 Letter to Jack Sarfatti about
Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory

Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D.
1175 Ellis
San Francisco, California

April 11, 1978

Dear Dr. Sarfatti:

Recently I read, in the book Space-Time and Beyond (by Bob Toben in conversation with physicists Jack Sarfatti and Fred Wolf), more about your work and for the first time about your interest in the development of unified field theory. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Toben's explanation of "…consciousness as the missing hidden variable in the structuring of matter" and his position that scientific explanation of the psi phenomena, while beyond the scope of theories currently recognized, is withing the realm of the "new physics" about which you are quoted therein as saying "The new physics is based on Einstein's vision of a unified field theory, which has been neglected by the physics establishment."

If it may be said that Newton's theories describe the reasonable nature of truth and that Einstein's theories describe the relative nature of truth, then it may be said that Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory is an attempt to describe the absolute nature of truth.

Enclosed is some material about Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory for your review, analysis, and criticism.

I hope that we can benefit from an exchange of ideas on this concept.



David Crockett Williams jr (Matter), C.L.U.
Author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory
Executive Producer, Paradise Psibernetics Productions
14171 Burton Street (213) 780-3348
Panorama City of Los Angeles
California Paradise via U.S.A. 91402

enclosures: April 7, letter to Governor Brown with enclosures
Paradise Psibernetics Research Questionnaire
November 16, 1977 "Introduction to Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory"

cc: Irv Sarnoff, including above enclosures

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