The Fall of the Atomic Age:

[begin retyped text of flyer posted at UCSB referenced in the Nexus article about new science teach-ins::


7 P.M. Tues. 9/27/83 - Broida Hall 1640 "Science Changes"

7 P.M. Wed. 9/28/83 - North Hall 1006 "Social Changes"

7 P.M. Thurs. 9/29/83 - Psychology 1824 "Mind Changes"

Evette Justus, facilitator, with Bruce DePalma and David Williams

Sponsored by U.C.S.B. Students for a Nu-clear Free Future (SNuFF)
(an Associated Students campus organization, Trailer Office 306D)

[Note, the flyer was done on legal size 8.5"x14" paper with the above text in a box at the top and below it using a space about half the size of the paper, ie, about 8.5"x7" is the black photo of the DePalma-Delvers spinning ball bearing experiment showing the comparative trajectories of a (18k rpm) spinning vs a non-spinning 1" diameter ball bearing given the same upward thrust where the ball bearings show as shaded white dots against the black background shot with open camera lens and 60 cycle strobe by these two photographic science experts, DePalma's particular expertise. In this photo the scale of the dots is about 1/16" and the spinning ball's trajectory is about 1/2" higher than the non-spinning ball, ie, a dramatic and very graphically visible difference in this photo, contrary to the "laws of physics" of the time, since Galileo to present]

-----underneath the photo, flyer text continues:

The 1983 Fall of the Atomic Age

This Summer the University of California at Santa Barbara Students for a Nu-clear Free Future (S.Nu.F.F., an Associated Students campus organization) has learned of new information which everyone should know about because of its monumental and historic impact on the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth.

Throughout the 1970's, the biggest revolution of thought in the history of science has been formulating in the minds of researchers around the world who are concerned with the moral responsibility of scientists for the present condition of our planet Earth on the brink of nuclear holocaust. Rediscovered and newly discovered interrelationships between the physical properties of matter (e.g. inertia, gravity, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, and their rotational variations), and the human mind itself, have by now formed the solid foundation for a new generation of technologies in perfect harmony with nature -- such as the "free energy" generators, magnetic hovercraft vehicle power systems, and major breakthroughs in the biophysics of health and longevity.

-------end retyped document posted July 8, 2006