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The purpose of this online Santa Barbara Science Center project is to bring out to public awareness and to foster implementation of the suppressed technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to neutralize radioactive wastes, and to scientifically evaluate the mind-matter factors behind how these "space power" or "free energy" technologies work. We are looking for funding and physical facilities in Santa Barbara California

SBSC Santa Barbara Science Center information network, also proposes to publicly display and further test the Sunburst n-Machine and other advanced energy technologies, to quantify the mind-matter effect

The Santa Barbara Science Center is being established to provide a place, for the general public and serious researchers alike, to see firsthand some examples of forefront technologies that have yet to become accepted by the mainstream scientific establishment, aside from their use in secret government projects.

SBSC is the first Science Center Network conceived to technologically test the mind-matter relationship between observer and observed, pursuant to the science specialty of the “physics of consciousness” which has been developing since the early 1970’s as explained in the 2012 book “How the Hippies Saved Physics” by M.I.T. Professor David Keiser, a field in physics that was opened only after the scientific community had to face the reality of the “mind over matter” effects exhibited by psychic Uri Geller who bends metal spoons by concentrating on them, an effect that the most sophisticated analytical equipment still cannot explain.

This has “opened the mind of science” - but not far enough to face the reality and to try and explain other documented anomalous mind-matter effects manifest by spiritual practitioners with an expressed understanding of the “oneness principle” common to all spiritual disciplines, such as the experiences of Santa Barbara’s Sunburst founder and Kriya Yoga practitioner Norman Paulsen, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, who had objects unconsciously materialize in his hand while meditating, and the Bagwan Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba who routinely daily for over 70 years materialized physical objects consciously, from “nowhere”, by what he said was “an act of divine will” (Leela). http://sunburstonline.org, http://sathyasai.org , http://saibabamiracles.com , http://saibabaofindia.com

Because Uri Geller’s ability to bend metal “mentally” was proven by Stanford Research Institute scientists like Hal Puthoff in the early 1970’s, since then we have some hard science recognition of the validity of the field of the physics of consciousness, but the leading theoretician in this field featured in Keiser’s book, the theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, bases the equations of his physics of consciousness theory on the fallacious assumption that mind is a property of matter. Since he also does not acknowledge the spiritual value of the existence of “the oneness”, his mind is clearly not opened enough to accept the validity of such events as experienced by Paulsen and Sai Baba and so any extension or conclusion of his physics of consciousness theory will be limited by the uncertainty principle at the core of quantum physics. (Sarfatti’s website is http://stardrive.org)

Santa Barbara for a few years in the late 1970’s was the hotbed of a scientific revolution that has yet to flower, but which the SBSI intends to foster towards successful results by exploring the mind-matter relationship involved in the so-called “free energy technologies” such as the n-Machine invented by Bruce DePalma and proven in 1979 in Santa Barbara under the sponsorship of the Sunburst Community because of Norman Paulsen’s spiritual inspiration from a personal UFO telepathic experience as he reported in his 1980 autobiography “Sunburst: Return of the Ancients” where he believed these “starships” that he encountered were piloted by beings from ancient and future Earth civilizations traveling through time. http://brucedepalma.com, http://depalma.pair.com

By the end of 1980 both DePalma and Paulsen were frightened, “warned off”, by having their lives threatened to stop work on the experiments with that first proof-of-principle Sunburst n-Machine that was dubbed the S-Machine. DePalma continued to build and test successive generations of his n-Machine in spite of that direct warning from astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Norman had that original S-Machine independently retested 8 years later. Again it was proven as an “incremental over-unity homopolar generator”, named after Michael Faraday’s 1832 independent earlier discovery of its “homopolar” or “unipolar” principle using a rotating magnetized disc to produce electricity flowing from its center to edge – in total contradiction of his more generally known “law of induction” requiring a relative motion of magnet and conductor to generate a current in the wire.

That retesting was done by Stanford University professor emeritus of electrical engineering Dr. Robert Kincheloe whose tests showed that the S-Machine produced incremental electric current output to input ratios of between 3:1 and 7.5:1 (see 1991 letter) depending on the speed of rotation, where DePalma’s original results showed between 5:1 and 20:1 incremental output to input ratios.

Bruce DePalma explained that he noticed lower output readings when the observers were more skeptical of the n-Machine performance, which provides a qualitative clue to the operation of the mind-matter effect in this case.

In addition to displaying the original S-Machine, courtesy of the Sunburst Community now in Buellton, SBSCnet intends to retest the machine in experiments controlled for variations in the mind-set of the observers, in order to attempt to quantify this mind-matter “observer effect” which leading US theoretical physicist Dr. John Wheeler in 1983 called the principle of “observership”.

Other devices will also be acquired for display and further testing for these kinds of effects, to learn more about how the mind operates and how these technologies might be improved with this additional knowledge, such as the replication of DePalma’s generator by Paramahamsa Tewari, the former head of India’s nuclear power program. Tewari had previously developed his Space Vortex Theory about the relationship of matter and energy persuant to Vedic knowledge and he feels the performance of the n-Machine validates/proves his theory. http://cheniere.org

Many, if not most or all, of the scientist-inventors of such potentially revolutionary energy technologies do not believe there is a mind-matter effect going on with their technologies, where such recognized mind-matter technologies are labeled as “psychotronic” technologies and are considered “fringe science”.

Another example, and potential device to display at SBSC, is the energy machine of Joseph Newman who has an entirely different and fairly rigorous theory of matter by which he feels his energy machine operates, producing more electricity than the small excitation current used to stimulate it. He feels that his energy machine performance validates his theory, a theory different than Tewari’s but which like Tewari’s seems irreconcilable with the established physics theories which Bruce DePalma’s previous experiments on rotation and precession of non-magnetized objects, before the n-Machine, seem to seriously contradict and perhaps invalidate. http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/qmmv11.htm

The simplest device we intend to test initially for this mind-matter effect is called the ball-bearing motor, invented by Stefan Marinov, which contains no magnets yet behaves like an electric motor.

SBSC intends to rigorously explore this area of the mind-matter-spirit relationship, as if science itself were a religion based on the faith in its theories, with the ultimate goal of reconciling all religions in the one truth via a deeper understanding of how the human mind works and relates to matter and energy and “spirit” (the “oneness”).

The planned facility would include a studio for editing video and producing online content of recorded and live programs featuring leading scientists and research in this area, such as the myriad scientists with technologies featured at: http://padrak.com/vesperman

Please join us in this effort to unravel the deepest mystery of science, the human mind and how it connects us to humanity’s divine spiritual essence.

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