Revolutionary Energy Technologies
To Eliminate Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power

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Workshop @ U.C.S.B.:

Saturday February 21, 1987 @ 3:30 P.M.

Buchanan 1940 "Revolutionary Energy Technologies"

Presentation of new discoveries to eliminate nuclear and fossil fuel power entirely and thereby stop pollution, and end the problem at Big Mountain, AZ, which is rooted in the pressure to mine more coal and uranium.

Jeffrey Harris will present the work of Joseph Newman from Lucedale, Mississippi, who is being supported by a dozen Congresspeople to overcome the U.S. Patent Office's present violation of the court order to give him a patent on his fuel-less electric generator.

Also will be discussed the work of Santa Barbara scientist Bruce DePalma whose "n-Machine" is being covertly deployed as a power source for the anti-satellite "rail gun" and the star wars laser, while both U.C.S.B.'s Institute for Theoretical Physics and its Physics Department continue to stonewall the public discussion of his discoveries which invalidate most of modern physics and which make absurd the 5.5 billion dollar superconducting supercollider proposed by Mr. Reagan.


David Crockett Williams jr, C.L.U., B.S. February 19, 1987

D. C. Williams, Candidate for US President 1988