Rainbow Prophecy Gatherings Tour
Peace Pole Message
For a Third Millennium Global Culture of Peace and Prosperity

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Rainbow Prophecy Gatherings Tour

Peace Pole Message

For a Third Millennium Global Culture of Peace and Prosperity

This is a call for immediate volunteers to produce and participate in a Rainbow Prophecy Gatherings Tour beginning after July 4th American Independence Day celebrations -- ceremonies and prayers with peace vigils and councils in many places.

-- Arroyo Burro Beach Park in Santa Barbara, California, July 11-13;
-- Capital Hills Global Peace Center & Park Vigil, Tehachapi, July 14-31;
-- Hopi Prophecy Mission from Capital Hills Prayer Vigil (tba);
-- United Nations (N.Y. City) and Washington D.C. in September;
-- India region, November 3-23, Lumbini, Karwar, Prashanti Nilayam;
-- Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peace Walk & Council, December 25th

To help inaugurate a "Third Millennium Global Culture of Peace and Prosperity" by inviting contributors to submit their messages to be collated, indexed and presented in Jerusalem as part of "2000th Jesus Christ Birthday" observances, globally, offering a "2000th Christmas Gift" of our prayers for creating a "Third Millennium Global Culture of Peace and Prosperity -- for All of Humanity as Our Family of Life".

This Rainbow Prophecy Peace Pole Mission from The White House to Jerusalem is to install the Peace Poles and Peace Councils at The White House and in Jerusalem.

In Tehachapi, California, the Capital Hills Global Peace Center and Peace Park site for the Global Peace and Prosperity Prayer Vigil, setting up soon for July 14-31 main dates, is located at the North-East corner of 100 acres of empty streets, part of a 2000 acre wilderness adjacent to the North side of Hwy 58 between Bakersfield and Mojave at Mill Street, the middle of three Tehachapi Valley freeway exits, where there is also located a Denny's Restaurant and an Arco AM-PM Gas/Mini-mart (both open 24/7), as well as the new Tehachapi US Post Office, located at about 4,000' elevation, ~20k population Tehachapi area.

AnyOne and EveryOne who correctly understands, embraces, and applies the ideal of this visionary image of all of humanity living together in peace, love, mutual respect, honor, and harmony -- like one human "happy family" with an advanced level of prosperity for all -- as caretakers of Mother Earth and all life upon Her, i.e., free natural abundance; EveryOne who understands these words, is invited to help propagate, promote, participate in and profit from this Rainbow Prophecy Peace Pole Mission to Jerusalem to change human thinking towards a more correct application of the natural "Law and Order" of our three dimensional world -- The One Law which is a subject of both ancient religious scriptures (e.g., Torah, Lotus Sutra, I-Ching, Old & New Testament, Koran, etc.), of traditional indigenous spiritual cultures of peace, and also of the latest advances in science such as recent post-quantum physics of consciousness developments (the physical mind- matter-consciousness relationship) and the consequent dramatic advances in human capabilities, in technological capabilities, and in "psibernetic/cybernetic" goal accomplishment systems theory capabilities.

David Crockett Williams, Chartered Life Underwriter & General Agent
Global Emergency Alert Response, PO Box 147, Tehachapi CA 93581
gear2000@lightspeed.net - http://www.GeneralAgencyServices.com
July 3, 2001, 78th birthday anniversary, Jhijhjija Emjsomho Tulku

Self Sufficient, independent, personally responsible individuals welcome for vigil, RV/camp, crew, etc.

Call David Crockett Williams at [661-867-2877] to plug in.

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