Press Release June 17, 2023
American Peace March
Stop Human & Drug Trafficking
Being A Wonderful Human
To The White House
From Santa Barbara California
For Truth Freedom Health, Divine Love
Liberate Free Energy Technologies
Leonard Peltier Clemency

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David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter
Contact: 805-403-1828

God’s Sound of Freedom Movement
To End Human & Child Trafficking

“The Great Awakening Documentary”
G Edward Griffin, Federal Reserve Expert
“Before we see victory we must carry the truth to
every man, woman, and child in America.”
Just Released: Premiere June 6, 2023

“Trust Us” - Video about how stupid government
scientific experts make problems worse!

Freedom Law School
Ending Federal Reserve Income Tax

Watch Disclosure Project News Conference
June 12, 2023, National Press Club
Dr Steven Greer MD Reveals Free Energy
Ending Tesla Lost Free Energy Century

I am organizing the 2023-24 American Peace March to the White House from Santa Barbara to promote Truth, Freedom, Health, Divine Love, Clemency for Leonard Peltier, and to Correct American Science by liberating the Free Energy Technologies revealed at Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project Press Conference at the Washington DC Press Club on June 12, 2023.

These technologies are discussed in his new film release, to replace oil, nuclear and solar, and revitalize American Industry, suppressed for a hundred years since Nikola Tesla’s time, “The Lost Century, And How To Reclaim It”.

In modern times these Free Energy Technologies have a history in Santa Barbara where the n-Machine was first made and tested in 1979, sponsored by Norman Paulsen’s Sunburst Community, made by MIT Electrical Engineer Bruce DePalma, the older brother of Hollywood’s Brian DePalma.

That original test machine is still on display at Sunburst in Buellton after it’s performance was retested and verified in the 1980’s by Stanford University Electrical Engineering Professor Emeritus Robert Kincheloe, but ignored by UCSB even after I had some success getting DePalma’s story published in their Daily Nexus.

I was the main organizer of the Global Peace Walk from New York to San Francisco, and back, for the UN 50th and 55th anniversaries in 1995, and 2000 when we walked through Santa Barbara voicing the prayer of “Global Peace Now!”

We need Peace Walkers, vehicles, camping supplies, gas money, and your support for our success.

We seek a Presidential Candidate to Champion our www.AmericanPeaceMovement.Us


Above 250 words Letter to Editor, from:

David Crockett Williams
American Peace March
315 Meigs Rd #366
Santa Barbara CA 93109

Bruce DePalma and Free Energy Tech:

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American Peace March
Santa Barbara to
The White House
Truth Freedom Health
Divine Love
Leonard Peltier Clemency
Correct American Science Free Energy Technologies
End of Oil, Nuclear, Solar
Revive America
Retool America
David Crockett Williams Jr (III) CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter
Zelle, PayPal: 805-403-1828
Need Peace Walkers, Vehicles,
Camping Supplies, Gas Money
Presidential Candidate