Correcting an oversight in modern physics

May 5, 1987 "Sit-in for an informed response at U.C.S.B.'s Institute for Theoretical Physics"


[signed] David Crockett Williams (805) 966-2813 May 5, 1987

Recently, the accumulated evidence has verified extremely significant, and apparently unsuspected, influences of rotation on physical properties (gravitational, inertial, and electromagnetic anomalies) attributed to the work of: 1) Paramahamsa Tewari, head of quality control for the national government of India's department of atomic energy; 2) Dr. Hans Nieper of the University of Hanover, in Germany; 3) Dr. Robert Kincheloe, electrical engineering professor emeritus at Stanford University; and 4) Bruce E. DePalma of Santa Barbara, and many others.

Because these verified physical anomalies are inscrutable by the body of knowledge constituting present day modern physics, it will be attempted here to point out a fundamental oversight in modern physics wherein may lie a basis for better comprehension both of the natural order, and of the implications of these influences of rotation on physical properties.

In present day modern science, the fundamental research and understandings of the energy interactions of any observable system of reality are limited in accuracy not only by the accuracy of understandings of the mass interactions of that system, but, pursuant to E=mC^2, are also limited by the accuracy of understanding applied to the true value of C^2, i.e., the nature of light.

The true value of C^2 in fact contradicts the basic notion of modern science which maintains that reality is exclusively objective in nature (i.e., extant independent of and identically observable by all observers). In fact, C is the only physical measurement parameter which is "pegged" to the identity of the observer and not to some external arbitrary "objective" reality reference frame. In fact, C^2 is far more than just the scalar value of the square of the speed of light; just as the complete and correct value of the square of a velocity vector is in fact not just the square of its speed.

Since a rotating object has vector properties oriented along the axis of rotation, would not those properties of a rotating object proportional to the square of any such vector then have a true value in some similar way related to the identity of the observer?

If so, then perhaps the tetron thesis (tetron natural unified field theory) will have an application in fully comprehending these influences of rotation on physical properties. In this hope is offered the following attempt to basically explain the tetron equations.

[symbols described, but not reproduced here retyped with text only]

1) Expansion and definition of terms: E=mc^2 [the value of the energy of any system of reality under observation is equal to the product of the mass of that system and the square of the speed of light] "is defined identically equal to" E(sub-tetra) is equal to the product of m(sub-tetra) and C(dot)(sub-psi)^2, where psi refers to the identity of the observer, where tetra refers to the identity of the system of reality under observation, and where [the three short horizontal lines] represent the [standard math] definitional identity function, "is defined identically equal to".

2) C(dot)(sub-psi) is defined identically equal to Tetron of c^2,

[Tetron is a mathematical function defined as the "correction factor" that "adds back" - to the square of the speed of light - the value of the "direction of C oriented relative to the identity of the observer" which has been overlooked/discarded because of the mathematical convention that says the square of the direction component of a vector is "defined identically equal to one".] - [clarifications in brackets added 10 July 2006 for this retyped text]

3) Hypothesis: Tetra is equal to Tetron of Psi, where Tetron is then the "human mind's consciousness orientation function of light."

4) Conclusion: Psi "is absolutely identically equal" to Tetra, where "is absolutely identically equal" is a new mathematical function described as the "absolute identity function" [represented by four short horizontal lines, "the one-ness function"]

[due to lack of use of symbols here, the above is very slightly rephrased from the original]

Because a primary practical application of these discoveries about the anomalous influences of rotation on physical properties is a proven new electrical power technology extracting "over-unity" amounts of electricity from a rotating cylindrical magnet (the "n-machine") -- a new technology which could readily replace nuclear and fossil fuel power sources -- all true scientists are requested to objectively and intelligently consider the applications of this new knowledge for the cause of true peace, harmony among all life and natural abundance.

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