Rainbow Family Protestors, Peace Pole Released from Dallas Jail

Dallas Times Herald

Wednesday, August 29, 1984


Photo, not shown here, captioned:

"Protesters Released - Members of a San Francisco based group that calls itself the Rainbow Family gathered around their "peace pole" Tuesday in a protest ceremony outside the Dallas Police Department warehouse. The pole, which had been confiscated during demonstrations at the Republican convention, was returned to the group after its members were released from jail. They were among the 97 protesters arrested during protests last Wednesday."

[Description of the photo:] The Rainbow Family White House Peace Pole is shown with the bottom on the ground out of frame leaning at an angle against my Westphalia VW camper van nosed up to the cement steps with railing at door shown marked Quartermaster Unit and sign on the building shown reading (City of) Dallas Police Department Property Division 1840 Chester Street.

Circled around and under the peace pole is a small group among whom visible in the photograph from left to right are Darryl, an African American Dallas resident with no previous peace movement experience who helped carry the peace pole on the "War Chest Tour" in Dallas; and Waga, who is the youngest full-blooded member of the Omaha native American tribe/nation which is on its way to extinction because there are no more full-blooded Omaha women of child bearing age left and the medicine people who normally would teach him as a medicine way student are all gone so he was following his own path to learn what he needed and took part in the peace pole events with interest as the person who put onto the peace pole the six petaled lotus design of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organization which their elder Elsie Cowan had specifically offered for that peace pole this spiritual unity symbol that Waga affixed in rainbow painted colors in Albuquerque; and Dave Whitaker, San Francisco's honorary Mayor of the Haight-Ashbury, organizer of the Haight-Ashbury Free Kitchen, and one of the initiators of the Rainbow Peace Caravan (along with Barry Plunker Adams and Dana Beal of Cures not Wars in New York City, neither shown in photo) from the California July 1-7, 1984, Rainbow Family Gathering to the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco (Peace Pole Camp in Golden Gate Park) and to the Republican National Convention in Dallas; and David Crockett Williams. About a year after this photo a newspaper article said that the Omaha people's "Sacred Pole" was returned to the tribe by a British museum that it had been sent to one hundred years earlier for safekeeping by the then Chief of the Omaha Nation whose reason was that his people were losing their faith and he wanted their Sacred Pole kept safe until some time in the future.

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