Paradise Psibernetics
Applying the Mind For Social Justice

Paradise Psibernetics - Applying the Mind For Social Justice

retyped newspaper article:

Friday, June 2, 1978, page 3

Daily Nexus, University of California at Santa Barbara

Paradise Psibernetics

Applying the Mind For Social Justice

By Rachel Weintraub

Ever heard of paradise psibernetics? If you haven't, "paradise psibernetics is a goal accomplishing process of applying the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light to the recreation of paradise on Earth," according to one of Paradise Psibernetics' main organizers, David Crockett Williams.

A group of people, called the Paradise Psibernetics party, is presently working for world peace by disarmament and an end to social injustice. They are conducting a "March for Survival" beginning (9Aug78) and lasting until (9Sep78). This walk will depart from Isla Vista's own Anisq Oyo Park to Tukunavi, "the Supreme Sacred Hopi Center of North America" on Black Mesa, Arizona.

According to the Paradise Psibernetics people, Hopi means "peaceful people. This means that any people who learn to live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature are Hopi people. Our planet Earth must become Hopi Land."

Lawrence Karol, who is now working on the walk in Isla Vista, stated that the walk will begin from Anisq Oyo Park because "I.V. is a place of vision and a paradise of gold." He explained that Anisq Oyo is a Chumash Indian name meaning "Paradise of Gold."

Karol continued, "Our goal is to walk as peace in perfection. The essence of unity is consciousness everywhere. The true one law of all religions is conscious awareness, and all people are a great family. We will be returning on our walk as a big tribe and family to the Tukunavi." Williams terms this place as "the spiritual, supreme, and sacred Center of the Earth."

Williams added that this walk, which has been in the planning process for years, is "a bridge of two Indian traditions and a way to unity" in order to "give the American people a spiritual Center."

Karol "hopes the Chumash will participate in our walk to the Hopi land in a concert of peace." He claims to be working for an "inner peace and serenity for people in the world."

By walking peacefully, the Paradise Psibernetics people hope to "bring respect for the pure spiritual world." Karol emphasized their "mellow" thought to "generate awareness for awareness. It's something that the world needs to see." He said his attitude as a walker will be that "it's a nice day to walk here today, and we'll walk really together. We'll learn the Hopi, or peaceful, way."

Williams expects to start with 500 people and to have people join in on their way to the "supreme" destination. He said this "reawakening" will "bring about peace and paradise."