Introduction to the Paradise Psibernetics of
Our Family of Life

All One Voice

Journal of the All One Family Union

Spring 1976


#1 On October 21, 1975, the Republic of Mexico released an American, David Crockett Williams jr, C.L.U., (after nine and one half months of wrongful imprisonment), who has now returned to Los Angeles to fulfill the position of paradise psibernetician for our family of life.

#2 The qualifications that this observer brings to this office include the knowledgeless and nameless understanding of the nature of life and light which was obtained by careful correlations of past learning experiences with the nature of parapsychology's so-called "psi-factor" as defined by interpretation of the scope of Einstein's law of general relativity (E=mC^2, ie, E[sub-tetra]=m[sub-tetra]C[sub-psi]^2)

#3 Reports of recent scientific research in the fields of: 1) Physics (Nature magazine, 1974, Shielding experiments on Uri Geller phenomena, by Targ & Puthoff), 2) Biophysics (New Mind, New Body, 1974, by biofeedback researcher Barbara Brown), 3) Biology (Secret Life of Plants, 1973, by Tompkins and Bird), 4) Parapsychology (L.A. Times, July 28, 1975, "Psi Research," by Al Martinez; Roots of Consciousness, August 1975, by J. Mishlove -- the world's first Ph.D. candidate (UC) in parapsychology), and 5) Medicine (Fate magazine, December 1975, "The Role of the Mind in Cancer Therapy," by Carol Simonton, M.D.) as well as the published opinion of the leader of a major world spiritual tradition (Psychology Today magazine, July 1975, "Idries Shah on the Sufi Tradition," by Elizabeth Hall) all indicate the folly of the basic assumption of the modern scientific method which insists that all observable systems (reality) exists identically observable and independent of the nature (or identity) of the systems observer.

#4 All evidence of observation now indicates that the nature (identity) of the observer has a distinct, and often very influencing, effect on the nature of the systems observed.

#5 In the language of mathematics it is now evident that the nature of the system observed (tetra) is a function (Tetron) of the identity of the observer (psi), ie, tetra equals Tetron of psi, and it (tetra) does not independently exist identically observable for all observers.

#6 This function ("Tetron"), mathematically defines the concepts of faith and belief as corollary to: 1) The relative (E=mC^2) nature of light (C[sub-tetra]), 2) the nature of the system observed (tetra), and 3) the identity of the observer (psi).

#7 In the language of engineering this means that cybernetics has now become "psibernetics" and the realization of any desired observable system (goal) can be accelerated by a new logic base insight into harnessing the power of faith and belief with a thorough understanding of E=mC^2 just as the power of atomic energy has already been harnessed by a partial understanding of E=mC^2.

#8 Harnessing this understanding to bring all systems to focus psibernetically on the realization of the desired observable system of "environment: global paradise" is the task of history's most sophisticated computer program -- Torak: Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program.

#9 Now less than 1% complete, Torak needs your support to facilitate completion of first phase systems analysis and programming.

#10 To help realize a desired observable system of "environment: personal paradise" for yourself, you the reader are asked to promptly complete and return the attachments to this note (in your own handwriting), similarly fulfilling future data input requests. All responses are of course kept highly confidential.

#11 Your commitment to energizing the above described results is welcomed when you are ready and is eagerly awaited until you become ready.

#12 The paradise of our family of life exists now at a future point in time.

#13 The nature of light means conscience: I am you and you are me; we are one; we are all; we are all one: our family of life.

[signed] David (December, 1975)

David Crockett Williams (jr), C.L.U.
c/o Our Family of Life
Panorama City, California