Tent of David Activist hopes to amplify unorthodox message
A CALL TO ARMS, Monterey Mayor Proclaims Global Peace Walk Day

The Monterey County Herald


Friday, June 12, 1998

[features a color photo of a man trumpeting on a water pipe, in background is rainbow colored latticework "Star of David" human hive ("Tent of David"), with banner hanging from it reading "Global Emergency Alert Response" and signs from the lattice hanging reading, "Stop Global Warming," "Save the Phytoplankton from Ozone Depletion," Free Energy (ZPE) Technologies & Hemp for Victory;" and a poster reading, "An Energy Awareness Campaign pursuant to the new US 1998 National Energy Policy released April 8, 1998, by DOE as CNES: Comprehensive National Energy Strategy to address global climate change.]

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David Crockett Williams Jr. from Tehachapi sounds the alarm for awareness of global environmental issues. Williams was at Window on the Bay Park in Monterey on Thursday, staking out a place for today's expected demonstrations.

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Activist hopes to amplify unorthodox message

By Calvin Demmon
Herald Staff Writer

David Crockett Williams Jr. of Tehachapi has a degree in chemistry and a desire to save the world.

When he learned that President Clinton would address the National Ocean Conference in Monterey, Williams knew he had to be here to try to get his own message through.

Thursday morning on the grass at Monterey's Window on the Bay Park, Williams erected two colorful lattice-work assemblages -- based, he said on the tetrahedron, the shape of carbon bonds, "the fundamental shape of our lifeform."

But in mid-afternoon, police officers made him take the tetrahedrons down. They told him city officials had complained that the assemblages violated a prohibition against "structures" in the park.

Before long, though, Williams had a promise of help.

Don Eddy, a Seaside resident who decided that Williams had been treated unfairly, vowed that he and some friends will come to Williams' aid today by reassembling the tetrahedrons and carrying them around in the park.

"They won't be structures then," Eddy figures.

The Window on the Bay Park is the officially designated site for protests and demonstrations during the conference.

Police are directing all such traffic to the park, and large groups of demonstrators are expected today in conjunction with President Clinton's visit.

But on Thursday, Williams had the park pretty much to himself, sitting inside his Ford van to escape a sporadic drizzle. Outside, he placed a folding table with literature about global warming, free energy and the benefits of growing industrial-grade hemp.

He had issued press releases calling for a peace-prayer walk at 10 a.m. When nobody else showed up to join him, Williams left his little encampment and walked through the downtown area by himself, chanting a prayer he said was once used by Gandhi.

Besides the books, pamphlets and tetrahedrons, Williams' van holds several six-foot lengths of white plastic pipe. By blowing into the end of a pipe as if it were a trumpet mouthpiece, he produces a resounding blast meant to "sound the alert," he says.

Several years ago, after receiving a bachelor's degree in chemistry with honors from California State University at Northridge, Williams began developing equations to prove the unified field theory -- a scientific holy grail that would integrate gravity into the understanding of light and other forces.

"People would go, 'Yeah, yeah, maybe you should write science-fiction books,'" he said.

He completed four equations. Along with library research, they convinced him that the universe contains a force that can be harnessed to generate clean, nonpolluting power and that many scientists know about it, but that it is viciously suppressed by governments, the military and the petro-chemical industry.

Still, he said, if enough Americans understood the possibilities, they could pressure lawmakers to fund a $100-million-a-year program such as the Manhattan or Apollo projects to get the new technology working.

That's urgent, Williams said, because burning fossil fuel is exhausting the Earth's oxygen, replacing it with carbon dioxide, ruining the ozone layer, increasing global warming and pushing the ecosystem to the brink.

When the ocean can no longer support the tiny lifeforms at the bottom of the food chain, life on Earth will end, Williams said. And the time is short.

He also urges repeal of the 1937 federal law outlawing marijuana -- and with it, hemp. They're both the same plant, Williams noted, and hemp can be used to produce paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicine and construction materials. Moreover, when grown for industrial purposes it doesn't bear the leaves and flowers that produce a "high."

Besides that, hemp produces four times more oxygen than trees and consumes four times more carbon dioxide, he said.

Williams said he has no funding and can't even afford a connection to the Internet.

But, "I'm trying to foment public awareness," he said. "I'm here in kind of frustration. I've written to every president since Jimmy Carter, including President Clinton several times, without getting an adequate response."

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Proclamation Recognizing


WHEREAS, the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk Project was initiated in 1995, walking from New York to San Francisco as a prayer for the universal human resolve of "Global Peace Now!" and for mutual understanding and respect; and

WHEREAS, the United Nations has proclaimed 1998 as the International Year of the Oceans; and,

WHEREAS, the National Oceans Conference is being convened by the White House in Monterey, California, June 11-12, 1998 to address the health of the oceans; and,

WHEREAS, the health of the oceans and all life on earth may be threatened by more severe global warming or ozone layer depletion, and by any escalating nuclear arms race; and,

WHEREAS, the Global Peace Walk Project is conducting local peace walks, a "Global Emergency Alert Response Prayer Vigil" in support of the National Oceans Conference and the International Year of the Oceans, picnicking in Monterey Bay Park, June 11-14, 1998, and ending with a traditional American Flag Retirement Ceremony at noon June 14th, Flag Day,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, Dan Albert, Mayor of the City of Monterey, on behalf of the City Council and citizens, hereby proclaim June 11-14, 1998, to be "Global Peace Walk Days" in the City of Monterey.

Dated: June 3, 1998


Dan Albert, Mayor

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