Letter to Dan Vasen, Science Editor, Daily Nexus, University of California at Santa Barbara, September 16, 1988

David Crockett Williams, CLU
American Peace Movement Organizer
c/o The Mesa School (805) 966-2813
2520 Mesa School Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1851
September 16, 1988

Dan Vasen, Science Editor
UCSB Daily Nexus
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Dear Dan:

This is the letter I promised you as a chronological summary of the past years related to the development of what I have come to call today's worldwide American Scientific Revolution, and the potential of a "Science-gate" type cover-up of ignorance and unethical conduct during recent years which characterizes the intentional or unintentional suppression of urgently important new research data bearing on the very survival of life on Earth.

By way of background, please understand that I have been a serious student of chemistry since a very young age. After graduating with a BS in Chemistry from CSUN (then SFVSC) in 1969, and after the interruption of a business career in the sales and sales management if life insurance and other financial services from 1966-73 (in 1971 earning the Chartered Life Underwriter degree, CLU, in life insurance and financial planning from the American College), and after initiating a general financial agency concept (postponed for action until now), I came to a crisis point in my life which broke up my family and business as I became driven since June of 1973 to independent scientific research on a genuine spiritual path to seek the truth about natural law with its connection to "how people Believe", and to develop a comprehensive plan (called Torak) for the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. The result of this research I call the Tetron Thesis (or Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory) completed from August 1974 to April 1977 as a mathematical model to attempt description of all of physical reality, all events in nature no matter where or when, in a simple set of mathematical equations with a probability of one (ie, 100% certainty).

By July 4, 1976, I began self-publishing predictions of what I thought the technological results of this research would be (fuel-less electric generators, electro-gravi-magnetic propulsion systems, water transmitter, and radioactivity decay rate accelerator). By the end of 1976 I had personally witnessed and participated in the fulfillment of significant Hopi prophecy relating to the coming of the true brother in red with many inventions, and the introduction of the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist monks to traditional Hopi spiritual leaders in 1978. By then I realized that the mutual fulfillment of various similar prophecies from different religious traditions is connected through the human mind in a spiritual side of this impending scientific revolution, a revolution of consciousness into harmony with natural law and order, pursuant to the understanding of Tetron, mathematically, as the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light. This realization also compelled me, on my 33rd birthday, May 17, 1978, to begin my mission of uniting the three faiths of Jerusalem in respect of a worldwide Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel.

By the end of 1978 I began republishing research new to me about the work of Nikola Tesla, who discovered/invented the Alternating Current mode of electric power along with the AC motor and generator, and whose subsequent discovery (circa 1900) of technologies to produce and wirelessly transmit electricity from the natural energy field of the Earth were discarded then, and still ignored to date, by the materialistic (out of harmony with natural law and order) power mongers who profit from the already entrenched and parasitically strangling fossil fuel and nuclear power industry investments.

Since 1978 I have been active as a fledgling organizer for a united American Peace Movement to achieve true world peace by overcoming present day ignorance and really dangerous widespread misunderstandings about the very nature and causal mechanisms of physical reality itself.

In April of 1979 I attended a Hopi Spiritual Unity Ceremony at the World Symposium on Humanity in Pasadena and thereafter I met Bruce DePalma in Santa Barbara and witnessed early tests of his Sunburst N-Machine in the summer of 1979 during the same time period when the US Department of Energy (DOE) representatives also saw this generator demonstrated there. Because DePalma's discoveries about the apparently heretofore unsuspected and deeply significant influences of rotation on physical properties (on the gravitational, inertial, electromagnetic, and even biological, interaction parameters of physical objects) seemed to me as wholly consistent with the understanding of Tetron, I therefore immediately embraced DePalma's results and became determined to help them become more deeply investigated and more thoroughly understood and applied technologically.

The next year, in 1980, the UCSB Institute for Theoretical Physics was established in part funded by USDOE. The first ITP Director, mathematician Walter Kohn, was approached, repeatedly during and after his five year term, to help explore these new discoveries for the betterment of mankind and each time he refused, explaining to me that he had never even been in a physics lab, and since he was a "theoretical" physicist, he therefore felt himself unqualified to evaluate these new discoveries or their veracity. He has maintained that the ITP if "not funded to study this area of physics". Lately, he has maintained that the N-Machine test results of Stanford University professor emeritus Robert Kincheloe were "inconclusive" and that he was "not interested" in either Dr. Tewari's third party N-Machine verification from India or in Tewari's explanatory and mathematically rigorous Space Vortex Theory. Dr. Kohn, who allegedly was involved in the covert development of the Israeli atomic bomb, who now teaches a course at UCSB about nuclear weapons technologies, and whose "generosity" has paved the way to advisory capacity with several local peace groups who trust his judgment while he has totally stonewalled this important research data, was recently awarded a medal by President Reagan for his achievements.

Two times in 1980 I traveled to Washington, DC, to bring this data to the attention of President Carter with no response (once for eight days after the July Rainbow Gathering and once for eleven days ending after President Reagan's election). Upon returning to Santa Barbara in late 1980 I began repeated overtures to (then President-Elect) Reagan: first through the Secret Service and lately through Congressman Lagomarsino's office, the media, and the White House staff, on various peace walks to Rancho Cielo. Here too the White House, in spite of repeated submissions over eight years and acknowledged receipt through Lagomarsino, has completely stonewalled this research data under the guidance of Reagan's science advisor Bill Graham who is formerly of NASA. In November of 1980 DePalma was scheduled to go to Hanover, Germany, as a featured speaker at an international conference of energy scientists there hosted by Hans Nieper. Just before his departure, the trip was cancelled after the advice of former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, as "best friends" with former CIA director George Bush, who told DePalma that the CIA had information to the effect that if he went to Germany, he wouldn't return. Mitchell reportedly told DePalma "don't try to do anything out there in Santa Barbara (on the free energy n-machine) or you'll get your head blown off". This perceived direct threat on his life has caused DePalma to develop a strategy of caution these past eight years.

In mid-1981 Mitchell, astrophysicist Adam Trombly and others were quoted as saying DePalma's n-machine had great potential in satellite applications because of its high power to weight ratio. About that time Trombly's patent application for his improved model generator of this type was denied by the US Patent Office even though Trombly showed that this was a rediscovery and new application of the co-rotation effect found by electricity pioneer Michael Faraday in December 1831.

Also about this time a SCIENCE '81 magazine article appeared about John A. Wheeler, "father" of the hydrogen bomb, the neutron bomb, and the nuclear breeder reactor. In a companion piece Wheeler expounded on what he considered to be the forefront issue of modern theoretical physics, a concept he called "observership" to designate the relationship of consciousness between observer and observed -- exactly the domain of the Tetron Thesis. The interesting thing about this is that Wheeler was one of the first "big name scientists" in about 1970 to whom DePalma demonstrated the observational anomaly of the change in the gravitational behavior of spinning vs non-spinning ball objects, and Wheeler was so shaken by the implications of this anomaly that he renounced his own observations and dismissed the effect as non-existent. A furor ensued and Wheeler left Princeton for the University of Texas at Austin where he now directs its Center for Theoretical Physics. He is now credited by Tewari, as is DePalma, as being supportive of Tewari's work. If such a widely recognized "theoretical" physicist as John Wheeler is credited as being supportive of the development of DePalma's n-machine in India by Tewari, how can UCSB's ITP refuse to investigate it on the basis that the anomalies have not been adequately verified by sufficient experimental evidence?

After the above described circa 1970 confrontation with Wheeler, DePalma's dropping ball bearing experiment (spinning vs. non-spinning) was prepared over a one year period by a graduate student at Penn State University, with careful vacuum controls and complex Faraday shielding, only to have his permission to do the experiment withdrawn, the night before he was to conduct the experiment, by the Physics Department Chairman on the grounds that the expected results would be unexplainable and would too severely invalidate all of modern physical "laws." Thusly began the "solution cover-up" of the "science-gate" scandal of ethics which continues today from many quarters of the mainstream scientific community.

In the fall of 1983 in cooperation with a UCSB Associated Student Organization called Students for a Nuclear Free Future, DePalma conducted a series of three lectures on the n-machine at UCSB including a video tape of the n-machine test and of the recent lecture on the subject by Hans Nieper of Germany. The only person from UCSB's professional academia who attended did show keen interest, the head of the UCSB Physics machine shop who vowed to do something with this new data. Nothing was ever heard from him afterward but in the following years DePalma received reliable reports that the n-machine was being covertly developed by the US military as a power source for the anti-satellite rail gun. Then after USB was hired to help US development of the free electron laser, in Spring of 1987 after his appearance on KTMS Radio, DePalma got an anonymous but believable phone call from an "old physicist here in Santa Barbara" who asked DePalma "did you know that your generator is being secretly developed by UCSB under contract to the US Army?" (star wars laser power source?) Trombly points out that public budget documents prove the US has been researching this technology since 1986 for a ship propulsion system called Jupiter II.

Robert Shrieffer since 1985 has been the director of ITP. He has never responded to several written requests I have made of him since then to evaluate this research. The ITP was established under the Huttenback Chancellorship of UCSB. Schrieffer was formerly head of Huttenback's defense committee before the ex-chancellor was recently convicted of embezzlement and tax evasion. The moral values of UCSB are under attack by the association of these men with its campus. Schrieffer's written dodge of DePalma's written challenge issued subsequent to the overture to ITP by the California State Peace March on July 13, 1988, has prompted DePalma to call for Schrieffer's resignation.

Chancellor Uehling has been fully apprised of this situation during her first year at UCSB and yet she too has failed to open an inquiry into the matter. Now I must appeal to the UCSB Student Body and to the public and to Dr. Uehling to respond correctly to DePalma's call.

Trombly's recent IEEE speech points out data defining an oxygen crisis for planet Earth which threatens all life within 20 years, unless immediate corrective measures are taken, especially including cessation of fossil fuel combustion. He shows how NASA is fostering a "problem cover-up" by refusing to acknowledge the accuracy of their own Nimbus satellite ozone measurements and ozone depletion severity. We can afford to wait no longer for serious development of this new technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power.

Since 1980 I have been convinced that this worldwide American Scientific/Spiritual Revolution of Consciousness, and its vast technological implications, should be well implemented through the office of the President of the United States of America, and to this end I have offered myself since then.

I will be happy to provide you with an outline of the Tetron Thesis upon request. Please join a Mesa School Research Team. The Mesa School (since 1985) is an American Peace Movement home/office involved in the publication and production of various projects, events and programs as part of the comprehensive plan for the cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth, along with greater personal and financial independence.

Torahkum -- "May The Law Arise" (Hebrew)

[signed, David]

Daoud ibn Daoud (David, son of David [Arabic])
David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III), CLU
President General Financial Agencies, International (since 1988)
United States Presidential Aspirant
King of Jerusalem Israel (i.e., surrogate regent for the direct cause of the physical and bodily return of Our Lord King, the original true one Jesus Christ)