Breakthrough Emerging New Thinking

This is the retyped text of a handwritten letter copied and hand delivered with referenced enclosures to the addressees at their Unity Church first public meeting in Santa Barbara, a scientist from the US and one from the USSR together in public talks to further world peace.

------begin retyped letter:

David Crockett Williams
American Peace Movement Organizer
The Mesa School 966-2813
2520 Mesa School Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Thursday, January 21, 1988

Dr. Martin Hellman
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Dr. Boris Raushenbakh
Professor, Moscow Physical Technical Institute

c/o Santa Barbara Unity Church

RE: Breakthrough Emerging New Thinking

In the past ten years an amazing body of new knowledge has been developed, with respect to a modern scientific revolution of thought into harmony with the natural order, sufficient to change the course of human history off the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards paradise on earth.

Because one of the fundamental bases of this modern scientific revolution lies in recently documented observations of physical behaviors (of rotating objects, for example) which severely contradict present day theories, this body of verified new knowledge is being severely resisted by the most prestigious and influential scientists whose cherished theoretical interpretations of reality are being absolutely threatened with obsolescence.

Due to the potential impact for the cause of true world peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth, I am writing you this letter to open a window in your minds through which may be seen a way to reconcile all of humanity in the truth about the natural order.

One tangible benefit of this new knowledge is the so-called over-unity electrical power generation technology developed by Bruce E. DePalma of Santa Barbara, which has been verified by Dr. Robert Kincheloe (pictured in the enclosed January 6, 1988 report), Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and duplicated by Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, head of quality control for National Power Board of the Government of India's Department of Atomic Energy. This kind of electricity generator produces electricity without fuel and it will lead to the elimination of nuclear and fossil fuel power technologies with their consequent pollutions and dangers (acid rain, radiation dangers, etc.).

Because attempts so far at theoretical explanations of how these generators work have been un-reconciled with cherished present day theoretical interpretations, the fundamental empirical discoveries behind them have been ignored and suppressed.

Since my work, which I call Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, seems to me to offer a path to reconcile these new empirical discoveries with the present day body of knowledge, I have been an advocate of DePalma's research, and related discoveries, since I met him in 1979. Since then I have tried repeatedly to stimulate an informed investigation of this research by our local University of California at Santa Barbara and its national Institute for Theoretical Physics, by the White House, and by our local Congressman Robert Lagomarsino, with no response in all these years except to learn of increasing evidence of a conspiratorial suppression and covert development of these new technologies for military purposes by the U.S. Government through U.C.S.B. For this reason I submitted a detailed background portfolio to the visiting Yalta Soviet Sister City delegation last November for the Soviet Peace Committee.

I am enclosing a copy of DePalma's latest report dated January 6, 1988, along with a copy of a galley proof of an advertisement about the Munich April 22-24, 1988, International Congress on Relativity and Gravitation which is being held in an attempt to evaluate the changes in physics theory which are necessary to reconcile it with the overwhelming amount of seemingly contradictory physical evidence available today.

Should you be interested in making contact with Mr. DePalma, he may be reached at 969-6442 and he is now able to demonstrate his latest experimental generator at DePalma Institute, 1060 Channel Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 -- fairly nearby your Friday January 22, 1988 speaking engagement at the Miramar Center. If you wish to see him during your visit to Santa Barbara, he is willing to arrange an appointment on short notice and he is expecting the possibility of a phone call from you.



David Crockett Williams

-------end of retyped holographic (handwritten) document

Note that this was a couple of years before the "fall of the Soviet Union"