Global Peace Walk '95 first news article, New Jersey

The Record

Bergen County, New Jersey

Thursday, January 19, 1995

Peace March

[two photos not shown here, one showing over a dozen peace walkers behind the Global Peace Now banner with the eagle feather staff carrier in front of the banner, and one a photo of Reverend Yusen Yamato holding the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo prayer drum]

Peace March

Marchers, above, entering Ridgefield along Routes 1 and 9 Wednesday during the open leg of their cross-country journey to San Francisco as participants in the United Nations' 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk '95. At right, the Rev. Yusen Yamato, who is participating in the march. The walk is celebrating the unity of mankind. The marchers began their 3,000 mile trek Sunday, the birthday of slain civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., with an opening ceremony and spiritual rally in New York City. Featured speakers included Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, artist Peter Max, and native American activist Leonard Peltier. The walkers plan to be in San Francisco at the end of June, in time for the United Nations' 50th anniversary celebration in the city in which the peace organization was founded.

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(note, the reporter mistakenly mentioned names of folks who offered letters of support as speakers at the start of the walk)