Introduction to the Light Revolution of Earth

Introduction to the Light Revolution of Earth 1987-88:

"Look to Natural Law"

I am an American Peace Movement organizer and someday I will become the President of the United States of America. I am 42 years old, and my name is David Crockett Williams, Jr. I have been a serious amateur research chemist since I was 11 years old. I earned the Bachelor of the Science of Chemistry degree from California State University at Northridge as one of the better students to ever study chemistry there. After being taught about the compromise about the nature of light being taught in physics, I entered the life insurance business in 1966 as a salesman and sales manager, thusly beginning my career in financial planning, investments and self development training (I earned the coveted C.L.U., Chartered Life Underwriter, degree in financial services in 1971) -- a career which lasted until 1973 when I quit the business world to devote myself entirely to research.

My research since 1974 has been on the development and application of my thesis, which I call "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory", to complete Einstein's work on a simple set of equations to describe all of physical reality, all events in nature, no matter where or when, with 100% certainty. I have just revised and finalized the form of these equations this year after propounding the previous form since 1977.

Recently proven applications of this new knowledge include avenues for understanding the recently documented anomalous influences of rotation on physical properties which have led to the development of the "over-unity" fuel-less electric power generation technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel technologies to thereby eliminate their pollutions and dangers to life.

My last 11 years of research has taken me on what can only be called a personal spiritual course of experiences which has led me to an individual religious understanding of life which I wish to share to aid in the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth.

The Light Revolution is being offered to acquaint you with a plan I have discovered to guide humanity to this goal successfully -- a plan of the future, called Torahk.

In following interviews and presentations you will see why I am confidently living to see us all reach paradise on earth as soon as possible, through applying new knowledge for a new worldwide American Revolution, of thought into harmony with nature and the natural law and order, ignited by the LIGHT REVOLUTION of 1987-88.

A videotape presentation is being produced from the inspiration and hope of it being aired on Soviet television as a Santa Barbara Peace offering of the American Peace Movement.

Torahkoom -- May the Law Arise!


David Crockett Williams jr - May 29, 1987
since 1985 doing business as The Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel
c/o The Mesa School (805) 966-2813
2520 Mesa School Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1851

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Note the reference above is to the 1985 filing in Santa Barbara County of a fictitious business name statement, where in fact no business was conducted, ie, money raised or garnered in the name of this entity registered simply for the historical record, the Kingdom of Jerusalem Israel, which now has a group: