Peace Pole for Jerusalem
Santa Barbara can become Sister City of Peace

Santa Barbara can become Sister City of Peace

Letters to the Editor

Santa Barbara News Press

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

The March 1 dedication of the Douglas Family Preserve was truly an inspiring community event giving thanks for the efforts and sacrifices of the many who have worked to save the Wilcox Property.

After so many years of suggesting that this land be dedicated as a Peace Park, it was wonderful to read the dedication plaque beginning, "Here you can Walk in Peace..." As a gesture from Santa Barbara, a Peace Pole was started several years ago from a windfallen log on this land -- a Peace Pole for Jerusalem.

As part of The Global Peace Project initiated by the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk of 1995 (from New York to San Francisco), the Peace Pole Ceremony was conducted on Earth Day, April 22, 1995 in Taos, New Mexico followed by that city being proclaimed by its mayor as the first of Global Peace Zones to commemorate the 50th and The Walk's message of Global Peace Now!

In October 1995 the city of Bethlehem, Israel, accepted the Peace Pole and Ceremony for a Peace Museum and Park there, as part of the Bethlehem 2000 observances.

On January 24, Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco proclaimed San Francisco as California's first Global Peace Zone. Santa Barbara has the opportunity of becoming one of these Sister Cities of Peace by the will of its people and officials.

This April 20-27, the Global Peace Project's second anniversary observation events will occur in Taos and Santa Fe, gathering spiritual leaders in council for Global Peace Now.

The mayor of Santa Fe is expected to join Santa Fe's third annual Global Peace Walk Day and to similarly proclaim that city as a Global Peace Zone on April 26 while Vice President Al Gore will be in town. Recently, we faxed an invitation to the Vice President to attend this event and his office called back quickly confirming its receipt.

With enough local support perhaps the Peace Pole Ceremony can be offered there with Santa Barbara's Peace Pole for Jerusalem, to help it on its way.

David Crockett Williams
Global Peace Project Coordinator
Santa Barbara

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[note due to hostilities the Bethlehem 2000 events planned and arranged discussed above were not able yet to happen]

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