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Rainbow Family of Living Light 2003 Annual International Gathering
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Thanksgiving Council 2003 held in California in preparation for 2004 Gathering July 1-7.
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The Rainbow Family of Living Light "is" an informal "non-organization" convening annual July 4th Global Peace Prayer Silent Noon Circle of Hands Ceremony "Human Rainbow Family Gatherings" on public lands in different sites each year to further the spiritual unity peace prophecies fulfillment vision of all of humanity living together in harmony as One Human Family (only a belly button and faith required for "membership"). The dedicated network of activists who support this vision and philosophy have demonstrated over three decades a successful "one mind consensus" management model whereby this "everyone is welcome, everything is free, all good offerings are accepted" emerging tribal culture of peace tradition demonstrates a workable plan to ameliorate chronic urban homelessness and social strife by the example of these human nature family community gatherings on public lands.