June 29, 1976 Proposal to The True Hopi Tribe for Endorsement of the

We come to you as representatives of the All One Family Union of the warriors of the rainbow quietly fighting Our war on fear for the peaceful future of humankind. It is now within the power of the true Hopi Tribe to bring about a reverse in the polarity of belief from fear to hope for the people of the world by the endorsement of the June 26, 1976 Resolution of the Horizons Day Council of Us. This endorsement will make the true Hopi, and their nation, the center of an ever expanding universal nation of light whereby the consciousness of the members of all native American ("Indian") and all other nations will be reawakened to the true meaning of the spirit of light within Us all as the True One through the application of Our new life Plan. By this endorsement all violence will soon end through the application of new knowledge of the true nature of light leading to union and understanding between all persons, families, tribes, nations, cultures, races, and faiths, while Our beloved Earth is transformed by Our applied belief into a garden for all life. By this endorsement modern technology will blend harmoniously with the ancient ways through a mutual respect of the true nature of light. This proposal is given to you for endorsement by one man and one woman, members of the one human race, prayerfully seeking your wisest decision in the spirit of the True One in red on behalf of all male and all female observers of all life.

On behalf of the true Hopi Tribe, I/we hereby subscribe to the above and do fully endorse the June 26, 1976, Resolution of the Horizons Day Council of Us;

dated signatures:

(send copy of this document after signing along with any additional endorsement statements to All One Family Union, P.O. Box 9388, Berkeley, Cal. 94709)

----text of the Horizons Day Council Resolution and explanation:


On behalf of all peaceful people of the world, We the undersigned have gathered together today as the True One to see the fulfillment of the ancient Hopi prophecy of the appearance of the True One in red come to reveal a new life plan and to share with all people the knowledge of Our power of consciousness which creates Our world as it is now and which will realize a new world of peace and paradise. We have come from a summer solstice gathering of the All One Family Union on Our way to the July 4th Rainbow Meditation gathering of Our one world family. We claim to represent, in the spirit of The True One, all interests of love and harmony responsible for the peaceful future of humankind. According to the true Hopi interpreters, the word Hopi means "peaceful people" and applies to all people choosing to live in peace. We therefore proclaim that all people who understand and believe beyond words in the concept of the True One shall now be Hopi of the universal nation of light. We look forward to the time when all peaceful people will live together as one family and we call upon the help of the two populations of the world's men and the world's women to unite together with the True One to this end. We call upon the new teachers of the true meaning of light to unite in conscience with the True One as the Warriors of the Rainbow to peacefully and mindfully fight Our war on fear. We call upon all who know beyond words the true nature of light to join Us in Our faith in the duality of life wherein God and nature are the True One reflecting the spirit of life in all matter of things, being subject to the unchanging and absolutely reliable law and one language of light beyond words. We hereby declare the truth of all religions lying in each's orientation of the mind towards peace. Since the knowledge of humankind has allowed members of the one human race to walk on the moon by the application of the science of cybernetics, We now demand on behalf of all life on Earth that Our new light of U.S. spirit of '76 be oriented in peace towards paradise cybernetics.

(signed by each of four council members whereupon two left for the Rainbow Gathering and two stayed near Oraibi)


The above resolution was read into the telephone outside the Oraibi Trading Post in New Oraibi (6-26-76, local time 6:30 P.M.) and tape recorded at the final-day session of the First International Syncon, an official conference held June 23-26, 1976, as part of the U.S. Bicentennial Exposition on Science and Technology entitled "America's Third Century" at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Horizons Day Council of Us was held 6-26-76 on the land overlooking Old Oraibi in coordination with other Future Assemblies held that day all over the U.S. as part of the Horizons Day Program coordinated by The Committee for the Future, Inc., a nationally recognized Bicentennial Program endorsed by the Administrator of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration as "...a giant step in the direction of uniting the citizens of the world in the survival of the human race." All of these Future Assemblies were organized around the theme "New Horizons for Humanity" to provide consensus on "New Actions We Can Take to Build a Choiceful Future." As the Future Assemblies reached agreement their recommendations were telephoned in to Syncon, the ideas were flashed across the nation on television from a large program board at Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space Center. After collation and synthesis, these ideas will be submitted into the Congressional Record and delivered to the President of the United States. The final recommendations from Future Assemblies around the nation will be televised nationally on July 4th, the beginning of the third century of U.S. The committee for the Future has urged that these final local and national results be published in local newspapers and aired on local radio and television programs. The nature of the final results of the Horizons Day Council of Us will be influenced by the awaited endorsement from the true Hopi Tribe of the fulfillment of their prophecy of the coming of the True One in red. The U.S. elections of 1976 will also be influenced by this endorsement. Two helpers, by their consciousness being as the True One in red, entered New Oraibi on the new moon June 27, 1976, seeking this endorsement.

[These two helpers are: Carolynne Diane Magnusson Rockwood
(returned to Calif. 7/6/76) and
David's son David Crockett Williams Matter C.L.U.]

------end retyped text

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