Transcription of Hopi Proposal
cover letter hand delivered July 4, 1976

The below is retyped 22 May 2006 from a handwritten document:

-------begin transcribed handwritten document

(July 8, 1976, Transcription of Hopi Proposal cover letter hand delivered July 4, 1976)

To: Thomas Banyacya, Hopi Interpreter; July 4, 1976

On behalf of the peaceful future of all humankind, we hereby solicit your help as a True Hopi interpreter to present the attached proposal for endorsement to todays Hopi Nation. With the support of the True Hopi power of mind generated by the prompt endorsement of the fulfillment of their prophecy about the coming of the True One in red, we believe sufficient energy will be harnessed to execute the following:

1) Worldwide coordinated inter-faith Celebrations of the New Light of Peace on each equinox and solstice beginning with the 1976 Fall Equinox.

2) Special New Light Atonement Celebration on October 4, 1976 in Jerusalem, Israel for total peace in the Middle East.

3) Followers of the new light of peace pilgrimage of the faithful from Jerusalem to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, culminating December 2, 1976 on the Festival of the Sacrifice in Mecca.

4) Worldwide celebration of peace during United Faith Week December 19-25, 1976 coordinated from Jerusalem then proclaimed a free and interdependent city/state dedicated to World Peace.

5) By 1978, invention of the water transmitter to bring water to the deserts over airwaves like television.

6) By 1980, inventions to automatically neutralize all dangerous radioactive material in the world while providing unlimited energy supply from a new discovery allowing oil and coal to be diverted to petrochemical needs, thereby making the coal mining such as at Black Mesa unnecessary.

7) Full meaningful employment for the Hopi Nation and total removal of alcoholism and related problems during 1977; same for all other Native American Nations before July 4, 1977.

8) Total success in rehabilitation of criminals and "mentally ill" starting 1977.

9) Direct influence over U.S. elections of 1976 to provide a new direction towards the light of true peace and understanding in government.

We truly believe these things to be forthcoming based on the amazing steadfast faith of the True Hopi in their spiritual path as described long ago by the One Great Spirit of Nature, combined with the new scientific insight into the nature of light and faith. In the True One Spirit of the founders of the U.S. and in honor of that True One Spirit, this document is respectfully submitted by:

(signature) Carolynne Diane Magnusson Rockwood of Us, July 4, 1976

(signature) David's son David Crockett Williams Matter, C.L.U., of Us, July 4, 1976

ANNUIT COEPTIS: "He (The One God) has favored out undertaking"
NOVOS ORDO SECLORUM: "A new order of the ages"
E PLURIBUS UNUM: "Out of the many, The One"

[This is a copy in my own handwriting of the July 8, 1976, typewritten transcription, an exact copy of the meaning of the original with some word changes; sole original given to 7-4-76 addressee -- no copies retained]

Our David, son of David and Amy 7/10/76

-------end transcribed handwritten document