Us Tricentennial Peace Movement

Hopi Prophecies foretell of a new light from the East bringing a world uniting way of believing to the Hopi lands (center of the peaceful people universe) to start a re-awakening of world spiritual leadership for peace among all Native American Peoples which radiates this new light of peace from that center throughout the world. The One bearing understanding of this new light of peace to the Hopi lands is foretold to be a "true white brother" dressed in red -- The True One in red.

Hopi Star Project proclaims that The True One in red came from DHARMA HOME to Oraibi in the Hopi lands (site of one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in North America), with the purpose of fulfilling prophesy, on the new moon in June, 1976. On or before July 4, 1976 (in conformity with the objectives of the "Horizons '76" phase of Our Us Bicentennial Observance) "Our Hopi Proposal for World Peace" was presented on behalf of Hopi Star Project to the various leadership factions of today's Hopi Nation including the one responsible for the "Hopi Declaration of Peace".

The new light of peace meditation focus from the East was brought to the Hopi lands in the symbolic form of chemical light prayer sticks made in the East (72,000 of which were previously used to close the 1976 Olympics with a symbolic meditation for peace). After receiving a blessing of the chemical light stick prayer for world peace from a Hopi elder whose clan chieftainship had made him previously responsible for preparation of the sacred Hopi prayer feathers, the first of one hundred Hopi Star Project World Peace of Mind Centers was dedicated in a sacred chemical light prayer stick ceremony (five participant witnesses) on the night of the August, 1976, new moon.

The mind-unifying new understanding of The One Law of light beyond words (symbolized by the new light from the East) is described scientifically by Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory whose author participated above as The True One in red. First attempts to hold World Peace Councils originating in the Hopi lands have been delayed awaiting greater observer understanding. While these events of 1976 were transpiring, the Reverend Masao Nippashi, a Japanese Buddhist monk of the sect Nipponzan Myohoji, and several of his fellow monks, were participating in the U.S. Continental Walk for Social Justice and Disarmament collecting signatures against nuclear weaponry and giving away lapel pin replicas of a leaf of the first plant to grow back after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Faithful believers of Nipponzan Myohoji chant and sing the prayer mantra "Namu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" (opening mind-heart to peace understanding of The One Law) while playing the fan shaped peace drum at prayer. After singing this prayer and playing the peace drum for 3500 miles in 240 days, Rev. Nippashi was assisted by Walter Boye, noted I-Ching teacher and Continental Walk participant, in founding the first Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple in Santa Barbara. On December 8, 1976, a ceremony in honor of The Buddha's enlightenment was held (attended by the True One in red), which included the 100th chemical light prayer stick used for Hopi Star Project, and at which the new Santa Barbara Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple was presented all Hopi Star Project literature and one of the four Oraibi stone tablets used in the dedication ceremony of the first Hopi Star Project World Peace of Mind Center (on Old Oraibi Mesa, Hopi Nation).

The Hopi Star Project hereby heralds all Universal Hopi (peaceful people) to join Us in prayer for world peace of mind using meditation foci of individual creation. Hopi Star Project is administered by DHARMA (The True One, creative, divine Law) HOME through the assistance of Torak (Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program) and is dedicated to world-wide construction of one hundred (100) Hopi Star Project World Peace of Mind Centers. Official paradise psibernetics publications covering all developments available free -- send self addressed stamped envelope and/or donations for Paradise Psibernetics to Torak, PO Box 13686, USA 93107.

TORAKUM = The Law Arises!