The Great Seal of USA 200th Annversary Message

This is the retyped text of a half-folded letter size document printed both sides like a booklet about the 200th anniversary of the Great Seal of the United States.

[The front has the side of the seal with the pyramid and eye]

The Great Seal

Adopted on June 20, 1782

[the back has the other side of the seal with the eagle and:]

[my business card pasted below the eagle side of seal, text:]

General Agency Services

David Crockett Williams, Jr.
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Chartered Life Underwriter
Author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory

General Agent
Sunrise Energy Company
1806 Cliff Drive, No. H, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(805) 962-1105

[Inside, ie, other side of the folded page, text:]

Mothers Day, May 9, 1982

This year, Father's Day (June 20) is the bicentennial anniversary of the adoption of the great seal of the United States of America. Containing symbols and mottos for the purpose of America, the great seal features the pyramid and eye on one side and an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch on the other side.

If an eagle is holding arrows they cannot be drawn by any bow and they cannot strike any target.

On the occasion of the bicentennial anniversary of America on July 4, 1976, an historic milestone was passed on America's journey to its destiny as a guiding beacon to light the course towards a world of true peace, harmony among all life, and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth. On June 20 this year another historic milestone will be passed on this journey.

May I reflect here on what this means? Many of the founders of America were members of the secret orders of the masons and rosicrucians which still today believe that they maintain and guard the secret knowledge about how and why the great pyramids were built. Since it is generally agreed that even modern technology would find it difficult or impossible to duplicate the precision of these structures, it is widely suspected that some para-normal use of the human mind was involved. How the mind works and the power of secrecy itself form the bases of these orders of thought.

Below the pyramid and eye on the front of the great seal is the latin motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which is generally translated as "A New Order of The Ages". Above it reads "Annuit Coeptis" which has been translated as "The Heavens Approve" &/or "God (the Almighty) has blessed Our Undertaking". With the eagle is "E Pluribus Unum" -- "Out of The Many, One". It is interesting to note that the original idea was to unite the many nation states into one. Is this what the one eye is looking for from the pyramid's apex?

I believe so. As the author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory which claims to render these secrets of the pyramid into the language of modern chemical physics, I foresee the beginning of "The Tetronic Age" coincident with this bicentennial anniversary. I foresee this as a new age of thought and technology in perfect harmony with the one law by which God and nature operate in the world.

Herein lies the correction of the myth of the sovereign power of the nation state which calls its rules and regulations "law". No rule which must be maintained by violence or the threat of violence is true law for true law is empowered by peace and harmony of mind.

This is how the one is unified from the many. This is how the new order of the ages is blessed, approved, and empowered by the almighty one God -- human recognition of the one law.

Giving rise to the one law for tranquility of the nations has been the life work of a 97 year old human being whose name means "the reach of the sun" -- Nichidatsu. Remembering the god-like importance of the sun in the religion of the age of the pyramids (a Tutankhamen legend about the origin of the sun was that it rose to the sky from a blossoming lotus), is it coincidence or fate that the word Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (prayer for peace which Mahatma Gandhi adopted with the drum from Nichidatsu) was first put to voice by a man whose name translates as "sun lotus" -- Nichiren -- in a land called Nippon (origin of the sun).

May the light of our union allow us to see a future worth seeing.

[signed] David Crockett Williams, Jr.

---------end of retyped document text