The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage Prayer Walk


Here is the retyped text of a flyer of Summer 1978 by the Isla Vista Tai Chi Chuan Academy Master Lawrence Karol:

[down the side from top left corner is calligraphy for the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra written by the Rev. Masao Nippashi, with next to it also vertically written in English: "Respect the Conscious Spirit in Everyone"]


We Are the I Am

To establish a Center for Peace
and UNITY...Be * Peace * One
and plant corn in Tukunavi
[drawing of line of walkers from the distant sunrise, not shown here]

...people of peace

Shalom! Peace Be With You. Join the GREAT PLANETARY PEACE PILGRIMAGE, promoting CONSCIOUS AWARENESS in harmony with Nature's Laws, Generating a WORLD GATHERING for PEACE AND RESPECT for ALL LAND AND LIFE, AT FOUR CORNERS NATIONAL MONUMENT IN THE HOPILANDS, in fulfillment of ALL ANCIENT PROPHECIES, Establishing a WORLD CENTER for PEACE AND THE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY OF HUMANKIND. For this purpose, all spiritual leaders, scientists, political leaders, and ALL peoples of a clear and peaceful conscience are invited to experience the Spirit of Humanity, bring PEACE, LOVE, and WISDOM.


The concept of peace walking is borrowed from the activities of the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Monks of Japan who have been conducting walks throughout the world, asking all nations to respect the pure essence in all humanity and organize a form of control over nuclear weapons and energy systems.

From these activities has been inspired the organization of a Peace Walk that will serve to generate international awareness about the underlying unity of CONSCIOUSNESS as the source and core of all life.

The Great Planetary Peace Pilgrimage is first leaving from Santa Barbara county walking to Los Angeles and then on to Northern Arizona, to the Hopiland four-corners national monument, to express the True One Law of Conscious Sameness that is at the root of all science and religion of the people of this earth. The walk will have the participation by the disciples of all the various spiritual orders of the world inviting all good persons of a clear and peaceful conscience to join in the walk. The walk will be done in the format of continuous walking and prayer, having groups of 100 and more persons taking turns walking 5-6 hour periods maintaining a chain of camping sites for resting pilgrims, and providing an opportunity to film and document everyone's participation. This first major walk rendezvous in the Hopiland with the most important members of the international community, in fulfillment of all Ancient prophecies...Reuniting the twelve tribes of Israel and providing a new life plan for the establishment of wholistically organic world society...Living consciously in harmony with nature's laws as a way of life for all humankind.

One Humanity, One Earth, One Spirit

Delegations of Pilgrims will continue walking around the planet over the next two years establishing centers for world peace. Walks may travel internationally to the United Nations, Israel, Mecca, Moscow, India, Japan, China, North and South Americas, Africa, etc.

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