Hopi Rainbow Prophecies 30th Flag Day Fire Sign Anniversary Message

Hopi Rainbow Prophecies 30th Flag Day Fire Sign Anniversary Message

"The movement against nuclear weapons that arose in the United States will not be contained. It is the government which will be forced to convert the policies. Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo is a sutra that prophesizes this." -- 6/14/2006 5:50 PM [added]



Nichidatsu Fujii helped influence the American Indian Movement to renounce violence, reviving our religious fervor for peace.

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Longest Walk 30th Anniversary
Sacred Run 2008 11Feb-Apr22

The Hopi Prophecy says that the True White Brother, who may be many in population, will have the help of two very powerful helpers, who may also be many in population, one with the sign of the sun and one with three signs, a special hat and the swastika and four-leafed clover shaped symbols. These were evidenced in 1977 by the Tibetan Buddhist Karmapa Black Hat Ceremony with swastika and double dorje symbols, and the Japanese Buddhists of Nipponzan Myohoji beating drums and chanting Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo for the purification of land and life to being peace and prosperity to all, pure land. The Hopi say that One person will manifest with a stone tablet matching theirs and He will read from it the Hopi New Life Plan to bring global peace and prosperity to all life, our family of life.


The Hopi Villages in Northeastern Arizona are the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in North America, the Holy Land of America, the Jerusalem of the USA. Each summer they have sacred prayer ceremony dances that the Hopi do in their villages open to select members of the public whom the Great Spirit leads to come as witness, the Kachina Dances done on the weekends all day by fasting participant men dressed in regalia with reverberating sonic masks hiding their identities and making a miniature loud speaker effect to the singing/chanting of their prayer songs in the Hopi language during the all day mesmerizing sacred dance ceremony. Hopi means "peaceful people" and they have never fought against the United States or anyone, by maintaining a culture of peace since antiquity via the Hopi way of keeping land and life in balance by prayer, ceremony, fasting, and meditation. The Hopi never signed a treaty with the USA, but their traditional culture of peace society leadership structure has been usurped by the BIA imposed federal agency of the Hopi Tribal Council which is considered "progressives" wresting Hopi society control away from the eleven independently sovereign villages, each with a religious leader called a Kikmongwi, to a modern united village system imposed as the Hopi Tribal Council that is run by well meaning Hopi people trying their best to find the way out of the poverty and the oppression of their people.


June 14, 2006 Annual United States of America Flag Day

Today is the 30th anniversary of an event that changed my life, the Flag Day Anniversary of the Bicentennial Year of the USA in 1976.

In retrospect, it is hard to say if it was changed for the better or for the worse, since the results of that day have put me onto a path in life that has resulted in my situation now, thirty years later, living alone in the mountains as an outlaw outcast, where all of my family, my two surviving brothers, my mother in her last years and months of life, my three wonderful grown children and their two mothers, my nieces and nephews and cousins and aunts and uncles, as well as most folks, just think that I am either completely crazy or stuck on some kind of stupid hippie ego trip about My Life Mission which has been unavoidably and indelibly imposed upon me by the meaning of the immediate response to my strong meditation prayer for a "sign from God, like Moses got the burning bush," thirty years ago today on a mountaintop overlooking San Francisco Bay.

This situation appears a classic example of Lakota Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer's quote, "a vision might put you on a path that you don't want to be on." But the "fire sign" I got on that US Bicentennial Flag Day 30 years ago today was real, not a "vision" in the way defined by Lame Deer as relating to the Vision Quest, ie, "something you see with your eyes open but you know is not there". That, I had already experienced one day in early July 1973 when I "saw with my eyes but knew it was not really there" the "vision" per above definition of what appeared hovering "in thin air" to be an invisible hand writing on an invisible blackboard with chalk writing appearing stroke by stroke to write E=mC^2, this in response to my question in lamentation prayer meditation the query of my "vision quest," "where do I even look to find the answer to what is wrong with how I and humanity understand and apply faith and belief and how to correct what is so wrong." This was about three weeks after my June 24, 1973 analogously paranormal perception of the sound that sounds like Toe-Rock, or Torahk, this clairaudiently perceived, "hearing with the ears but knowing the sound was not really there," for about 5-7 minutes before it stopped.

Already I had figured out that Torahk was not a name that I should use for myself, but is the name and sound of an intelligence signal from the future like a guide-beam signal for folks to believe, and put to voice themselves, thusly empowering it for guidance for their decisions in life about what to do to help change the present course of human history off of the pathway towards total destruction of life on Earth and to implement the pathway towards our certain future from which this sound is emanating, our future awaiting humankind and all life on Earth in a condition of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

But even as strong an influence as were these above, an even stronger impact was by another weird if not patently paranormal experience that has kept me stubbornly and embarrassingly on this pathway, even through decades of determined religious mendicant poverty without possessions except for my files and mission implementation instruments, my mysterious involuntary pronouncement, on May 5, 1976, of the sound like Toe-Rock-oom, or Torahkoom, and variations in English typing letters/characters, which someone told me two weeks later has a meaning in the Hebrew language of "The Law stands up."

After all this, I then heard the Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya speak for the first time in person about the Hopi Prophecy message of peace, in Santa Barbara on May 28, 1976. During the few moments of his talk when he said, "and the true white brother will be coming to the Hopi land very soon, wearing a red cap or a red cloak, and bringing many inventions," this was the only time he looked at me and while saying these words he looked right into my eyes deeply and as before when I saw the video of his same talk given in Los Angeles that January his tone changed from a dull monotone drone kind of speech only during the moments he spoke this phrase with a completely different tone of voice like the tone of an "urgent plea." The effect that this had on me was electrifying, goose-bumps all over my body, shocked to feel that way, knowing that my Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory equations started August 1, 1974, would lead to many new inventions once completed and understood and accepted by the mainstream scientific community and public as the correction and completion of Einstein's famous equivalence equation, E=mC^2, TNUFT mathematically defining and describing the absolute nature of truth, the relative identity of the observer, the "ego-centric nature of reality," and how they are mathematically related by the dynamics of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron, consequent to an overlooked property of the nature of light, C.

During those days I had someone very close to me who believed in me and was my girlfriend, common law wife and mate, who I still think of as Our Carolynne, my "other half," mother of our two youngest children who came later.

That Fateful Fiery Flag Day of 1976 she lovingly waited for me, meditating on my mission, while I went onto the mountain and meditated overlooking the San Francisco Bay, lowered my brain rhythms per the training from my Mind Dynamics Institute class of four years earlier, meditated on the Hopi symbol of the quadrisected circle with a circle centered in each quadrant, and on the question at hand of whether to go through with the embarrassing idea to dye our two chemistry lab coats red and go together as one to the Hopi land towards "fulfilling Hopi Prophecy."

When I opened my eyes, after this meditation prayer of maybe ten minutes, a fire had started at the edge of the Bay and raced up the canyon towards me until veering off to my left while I watched the airdrops of red colored borate solution on the fire. The meaning of this "synchronicity" combined with the above experiences keep me stubbornly on track, but lately grumpy and irritable and complaining and hostile-sounding towards folks over my frustration at not being more effective and successful in my mission so that otherwise already there would be global peace on Earth.

So we dyed our lab coats red at the All One Family Union Gathering at Harbin Springs California on the Summer Solstice 1976 two years before Nichidatsu Fujii came there from Japan to join The Longest Walk and there meeting each other for the first time also came the leader and initiator of that walk Dennis Banks and also came Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya.

Then instead of going to the Rainbow Gathering in Montana as otherwise planned, we went to the Hopi Land and had many adventures and witnessed a lot of Kachina Dances that happen in the villages on the weekends during the summer there. It was here that we experienced first-hand what Thomas Banyacya meant by the Hopi prayer ceremonies that they believe helps hold land and life in balance for the peace and prosperity of all, a cycle that has been broken for many years but they keep going with their prayers and ceremonies, fasting, meditation, etc, to bring the balance back between human beings and nature for peace in the future.

There in the new village of Kykotsmovi where the Hopi Tribal Council is situated appeared in the Kachina Dance there on July 18, 1976, two Morning Kachinas, "the last hope prayer of the Hopi people" preceded and followed that day by a twenty minute long double rainbow across their land, and punctuated by a downpour of rain with lightning and thunder while they were taking their part in that ceremony, two men in regalia and masks who had fasted without food or water or sleep for four days before they appeared then to take part, witnessed by me along with James Horsley who came down from the Rainbow Gathering and showed up for the occasion to minister Revelations prophecy discussions and join me as witness.

You can see more details in my crude history write-up which includes these strange things happening in the Hopi land that summer, at


The Kachina Dances to the Hopi are analogous to the intense prayer ceremony of the Sundance for the Lakota, ie, a really sacred prayer ceremony but publicly offered in their central village squares witnessed by the residents and visitors of pure heart who find there way there by the spiritual red road to peace for their Kachina Dance witness initiation by introduction to this ceremony of the Hopi peaceful people's way of life.



If you can go this Summer to visit the Hopi and your spiritual path enables you to witness the Kachina Dances July 15-16 Saturday and Sunday, your prayer as witness also assist the plan to manifest a Hopi Rainbow Peace Camp at the Second Mesa Hopi Cultural Center Motel and Restaurant Picnic Area during those two days to convene evening councils to discuss Hopi Prophecy and the new inventions coming out over the last thirty years in fulfillment to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power entirely. Then you could join in support or walk on Monday July 17th with the Hopi Rainbow Peace Walk from that camp to the next one about twelve miles west of there at Oraibi Wash picnic area, located about a mile east of Kykotsmovi (New Oraibi) village where is located the general store and gas station, post office etc for the villages. Then you could help convene the Hopi Rainbow Peace Walk Council Circle for Global Peace Now at Oraibi Wash picnic area on Tuesday July 18 to observe with news media and video camera recording what happens as the 30th US Bicentennial "Two Double Rainbows and Morning Kachinas Appearance Hopi Peace Day" Anniversary Prayer Circle Ceremony and Council for Global Peace Now.


Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
6/14/2006 1:08 PM PDT

For those planning to attend the Rainbow Gathering (July 1 - 7), the site has been announced north of Steamboat Springs, CO, and a couple hundred people are now on site. Seed Camp has now begun growing into the full Gathering!

Site photos here:


Map to the site here:


Directions here:


20,000 or so people, 200 or so community kitchens

More info at

The Spring Council reached site consensus mid-day on June 11. Folks are now moving to set up seed camp at below site for 35th annual World Family Healing Gathering hosted by the Rainbow Family Tribe, July 1-7 with Rainbow Family Tribal Council starting July 1 convened by Barry "Plunker" Adams, one of the co-initiators of these Rainbow Family Tribe hosted annual World Family ReUnions, 35th gathering since '72.

Howdy Folks!!!

Here are directions for the Annual Rainbow Family World Gathering in Colorado.

From Steamboat Springs. Take Hwy 40 West to CR 129 North (Elk River Road) Go past Columbine to FS 550E. Take that road to FS 500, make a right. Go about 2 miles to FS 520, go about 2 more miles. Welcome Home & Drive Safely!!! Peace, Love and Light.