Isla Vista Memorial Peace Center 1983 Proposal

Evette Maria Justus (November 11, 1948 - January 14, 2006)

Below is a news article about the Memorial Peace Commission proposal of 1983, "dedicated to the memory of all those who have died before us" including Kevin Moran who was killed outside the Isla Vista Bank of America Building during the riots against the war there in the 1970's when that bank was burned down by protestors rioting to stop the Vietnam War. The bank was quickly rebuilt and was in operation until the early 1980's when the Bank of America closed it down and moved out. When the bank was cleaned out, this proposal was offered. This was not the first newspaper article on this Memorial Peace Commission proposal.

Daily Nexus

(student newspaper of the)

University of California at Santa Barbara

May 25, 1983

[photo, not shown here, bank vault door with popcorn machine on wheels next to it, captioned:]

Old B of A vault remains behind; removal would kick up dust that could damage video games.
- Nexus/Larry Loka

Memorial Peace Center

B Of A Building In I.V. Is Still Sought By Peace Commission

By Evette Justus

Nexus Staff Writer

After losing the entire former Bank of America building in Isla Vista to a video game room, the Memorial Peace Commission has begun negotiating with the present manager to sublease a portion of the building for the Isla Vista Memorial Peace Center.

The conditions of manager Hal Harris' lease, however, do not allow him to sublease any part of the property without approval from B of A officials.

Harris said he contacted B of A regarding the proposed sublease and was told by a bank official, whom he said chose to remain anonymous, that under no circumstances would B of A approve a sublease to the peace commission.

Daniel Jones, Bank of America vice president in the corporate real estate division, said the bank has not received any offers concerning proposals for sublease. "The bank is generally willing to do business with anyone capable of meeting the requirements," he said. The process for the leasing or subleasing of any B of A owned property follows a standard bank review and approval decision, Jones said.

On May 17, a discussion took place between Harris, the new 13-year lease holder of the former Bank building and David Crockett Williams, Jr., acting executive director of the Memorial Peace Commission for the creation of a peace center.

After the meeting, according to Harris, he felt understanding and agreement with the peace commission's proposal and was willing to sublease space in the building to the commission.

"Personally, I believe the B of A's reasons for denial of the sublease are strictly financial," Harris said. "I would like to help the peace commission become established here. However, B of A holds the lease and at this point there really is nothing I can do. I can't risk them getting angry at me."

"Hal Harris is open, supportive, and helpful to the cause of the peace commission's work here and the problem in communication is clearly between B of A and the peace commission, not with Hal Harris," Williams said. "We are preparing a proposal for the B of A and will be taking the proposal to the B of A president in Los Angeles soon in an effort to establish communications with that organization."

Harris said, "I have done all I can do to support the peace commission's efforts at this point and I just hope the peace commission and B of A officials can work out their differences. I just want to establish the type of place here that Isla Vista community members want to come and enjoy."

During the meeting, Williams presented Harris with an extensive statement of activities planned for the center. These include peace certification courses, religious services, social events, peace monument constructions, human relationship counseling, new inventions with specific applications for the cause of peace, and a "whole earth market" for distribution of peace commission endorsed products for living in harmony with nature.

-----------end of retyped article, reprinted and made into a flyer with Evette's handwritten lettering and a symbol:

Evette Justus
Trailer 306D
P.O. Box 13848

SNUFF Endorses
IVMPC in the
direct cause of
world peace.

[the symbol for the Memorial Peace Commission is a circle with another circle inside it and a dot in the middle with an arrow going through the whole symbol centered from bottom left to top right at a 45 degree angle (1:30 position) point of arrow at top right]


A call to action, by Evette Justus

Summer 1983

A call to action, proclamation and reaffirmation to the women of Isla Vista. We as women know the power of nurture, the necessity of spiritual clarity, the value of oneness and the agony of feeling alone and powerless. We know this in our hearts because we are women.

Our love of all people, our desire to share, and our love of growth unites us as women - equal with men and ready to stand united for real solution to today's problem.

We are fortunate to live in Isla Vista - the center of consciousness and change is here in this place and the bounty and abundance is here for us now!

As men, our brothers have been taught to a greater or lesser degree to strike out in violence and to attempt to shape a new world from gunpowder. We, as women, know the value of a kind word, the clarity of pure love and the necessity of firmness and gentleness combined.

1983 has been declared the summer of peace. As women, our role is complex. We are the tool for peace on this planet. We are the peacemakers by virtue of having been born women in this life time and to be living here in Isla Vista. We have been given the honor of working for the universal solution to hunger, abuse, fear, discrimination, and degradation of the human spirit: An awesome task, yet one that is soluable from within. from within we can experience peace and harmony and from this space of "centered" we find the power to act and be effective.

For me "Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" is centering. For any one else "Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" can also be a valuable tool. However, the power of "Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" is powerful in the reality that all beings are perfect and equal in that perfection.

"Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" negates nothing. The person who centers through prayer to Jesus Christ is capable of intensification of prayer through the power of "Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo."

However, in 1983 our problem in the world has become so complex, spirituality is not enough. In everyday life, we must address reality based issues as well. For when one is hungry...


(retyped from unfinished handwritten document)



Evette Justus, 57, died on Jan. 14, 2006 at her residence in Lewiston, California, of natural causes. She was born on Nov. 11, 1948 in Kansas. She lived for many years in Isla Vista California near UCSB. During 1977 she was the executive secretary of the Isla Vista Community Council. She moved from Guadalupe, California to Trinity County in 2004. She was a homemaker. She is survived by her daughter, Alyx Gille, residing in Ireland, and her partner of two decades "Sam", ie, Steven A. Michaelson.

I met Evette when she was a reporter for the UCSB student newspaper who was sent on an assignment to interview me for an article in the newspaper. Within a few weeks we teamed up and had a couple of years together of intense and productive partnership in peace activities and I think that time was special to her as well as to me. There are a few more newspaper articles that came out during that time that also mention her but I have not yet typed them up and posted them which I will now work towards doing as an earlier priority.

We went to the Rainbow Gathering in California together in the summer of 1984 and also to the spring gathering that year in Arizona and from there conducted the peace walk to the Big Mountain area on the Hopi and Navajo Indian reservations and both had some special experiences there during those adventures. Also during our time together we did some things promoting the work in Santa Barbara of Bruce DePalma when she was coordinating the Students for a Nuclear Free Future group on campus there and under whose auspices she was able to arrange for some presentations at the University of his work on the new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power.

We know that her spirit will always be with us and that only her body will not. We had some special spiritual experiences together including, uniquely in my life, her chanting and drumming with me the Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo mantra per the teachings of Fujii Guruji, and she went with me to the Sai Baba center in Southern California where the elder there gave us their special symbol to put onto the peace pole which was done during our caravan to Dallas discussed in other articles here of July-August 1984.