Free energy technology makes this peaceful revolution possible

A University of California at Santa Barbara 1983 interview by Daily Nexus Staff Writer Evette Justus quoting Bruce DePalma, local physicist and scientist:

"All the bombs, all the missiles, and all the guns came out of the minds of physicists."

"A peaceful revolution can occur providing we can free ourselves from the oppression which is dominating us and controlling our day to day existence. This oppression is the necessity to make payments to a system which gives us the energy to heat our homes, transport ourselves, brings our food and fertilizer to grow our food, and makes the plastic that goes into our clothes. When we can be released from that we well have a choice. And this can be the only revolution - a peaceful revolution and free energy technology makes this peaceful revolution possible."

Bruce DePalma to Evette Justus, Summer 1983
(Evette was born November 11, 1948 and died January 14, 2006)

Bruce DePalma passed away in New Zealand in November 1997