UN International Earth Day
Ceremony to celebrate Spring Equinox

Daily Sundial

California State University, Northridge

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Campus Briefs

Ceremony to celebrate Spring Equinox

A ceremony celebrating the literal ringing in of the Spring Equinox will take place today at 11:16 a.m. on the lawn south of the Oviatt, between the Science Building and Sierra Hall. A bell will be rung commencing the ceremony.

The Spring Equinox marks the first day of spring when day and night are exactly the same length.

The ringing of the bell denotes a prayer for peace, and has been a practice of the United Nations since 1971, said David Williams, an American Peace Movement activist.

Brian O'Leary, Jack Herer, and Carol Rosin, peace, environmental and hemp activists, are scheduled to attend the ceremony.

"This is a spiritual time for renewal," Williams said. "A special focus to bring together people's minds in a natural point in time."

-- Campus briefs compiled by Steve Shenefield

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This article was made into a flyer with text:

Brian O'Leary is a leading scientist-futurist, speaker and author whose latest book is entitled, "Re-Inheriting The Earth: Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths", info on his message, schedule, books, etc.


Jack Herer is a leading hemp movement and re-legalization activist, businessman, and author of the authoritative historical reference book on cannabis hemp and how it was outlawed in a fraud on Congress by calling it marijuana.


Carol Rosin is a leading military-intelligence industry strategist insider coming out strongly for rededication of space weapons funding towards peaceful purposes by passage before June 13th of the Space Preservation Act of 2002, HR 3616


---note, Carol was unable to participate at the last minute due to her counseling practice but Herer and O'Leary, activist Sister Somayah from South Central Los Angeles, Tai Chi Chuan Master Lawrence Karol, and others did participate resulting in a Sundial article and photo.