Guruji on Buddhahood
Enlightenment of Community

Buddhahood of Ichinen-Sanzen

(One Thought, Three Thousand States of Existence)

April 25, 1974

Message of the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii for the

Ground-breaking Ceremony of the Tagonoura Peace Pagoda, Japan

As one of the tenets of Maha Bodhisattva Nichiren's teachings, he preached attainment of Buddhahood of "ichinen-sanzen". Instead of a single person becoming a Buddha in complete isolation from others, the entire sphere of domain, the country must be transformed into a Pure Land when enlightenment is achieved. This is known as the "the enlightenment of the domains". Human beings create a sphere of existence. One is not to seek Buddhahood only for oneself by entering deep into a mountain, but must become Buddha together with the people of one's community who one sees everyday. This is called "enlightenment of community". At the same time, our hearts and minds must become Buddha. Our hearts and minds can follow the path that leads to Buddhahood if we are intent and right-minded. How are we to achieve enlightenment of our domain?

Our domain is being destroyed. The term used is environmental destruction. It is the destruction of the sphere of countries. Just because we live here does not give us the right to destroy it. We should simply live in nature. Birds do not destroy the trees they live in. Fish do not pollute the water they live in. Human beings are the only ones who live on the earth who cuts trees, clear the land and do bad things. In recent years, pursuit of profit under the pretext of industrial development has made people completely indifferent to any ill effects or sacrifices they cause. In a world filled with such people, one should not be concerned about one's own enlightenment alone. The three thousand state of existence, all forms of existence, need to attain Buddhahood, and the land, the country needs to become the Pure Land. What is the first step to make Japan the Pure Land? We tend to think that the sphere of the country does not talk. However, just as a person has a soul, there is a soul in even a single speck of dust. Everything, and every one must become Buddha in life. The domain, the country thus realized is the Pure Land. Each and every one of us; every child, woman and man, must become Buddha. This is what is referred to as "the Buddhahood of communities". From days bygone people considered Mount Fuji to be the center of this country. Mount Fuji has been the inspirational center in formulating the peaceful and noble outlook of Japanese towards life.

(Translation by Yumiko Miyazaki on 10/31/03)

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