Brazil Times, Friday, February 24, 1995
Peace walkers stay overnight in Brazil

The Brazil Times

Brazil, Indiana

Friday, February 24, 1995

Peace walkers stay overnight in Brazil

by Carol Swearingen
Times Staff Writer

More than two dozen spiritual walkers stopped in Brazil overnight Thursday to bring attention to Global Peace Walk 95.

David Williams, a walk coordinator from Santa Barbara, Calif., said the walk started at the United Nations building in New York City on Jan. 15, the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The walk will arrive at Gandhi Peace Plaza in San Francisco to open the June 20-26 '95 United Nations 50th anniversary.

"Over 100,000 people are expected to meet in San Francisco," Williams said Friday morning. "This spiritual walk is being offered as a sincere prayer for global consciousness and responsibility for the survival of the future generations of all life on Earth."

Williams and the walkers carry messages of support from several global religious leaders, Coretta Scott King, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, college presidents, governors, mayors, and native American spiritual leaders.

He said the group's next major stop will be in St. Louis and then to Kansas for three days of visiting and fasting at a prison where Leonard Peltier is incarcerated.

"Our group includes native Americans, representatives from various countries, from West and East Germany, South America and from France," he said.

Williams said persons in the five-vehicle procession stayed overnight at Brazil First United Methodist Church.

"We really appreciate the church and the Rev. Robert Ostermeier opening the doors for us," he said. "They are very kind."