Thomas Banyacya on Hopi Prophecy

-- Thomas Banyacya, reprinted below, predicts our situation now where we have our enemies threatening nuclear attacks on our US cities, and what to do to correct the situation, ie, recognizing the "natural law of the Great Spirit" as inviolably sovereign, even over laws enforced by governments with violence.

Messages from Thomas Banyacya, appointed Hopi Interpreter by/for the High Religious Leaders of the traditional Hopi Independent Nation. Banyacya fulfilled his life mission to open the door to the "house of mica" (the United Nations) for the indigenous peoples' messages to be delivered to the General Assembly on 10Dec92.

See his Hopi Declaration of Peace, wonderful medicine words:

Address to the Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Monks by Hopi Interpreter-Messenger Thomas Banyacya Los Angeles, California -- October 23, 1981 On the Eve of the World Peace March
[excerpted here:]

A Message & Invitation from the Hopi to the World Spiritual Leaders


"We invite all the world's spiritual leaders to a meeting in this sacred area."

"All over the world we should register for peace in order to bring about peace."

[Register for Peace here at this link per United Nations 2001-2010 International Decade for Creating a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World, this inspired by the UN Decade 1994-2005 of the World's Indigenous Peoples, following first UN messages delivered to General Assembly by representatives of the worlds' indigenous leaders on December 10, 1992, including Thomas Banyacya in fulfillment of Hopi Prophecy about opening the door to the House of Mica on eastern shore]

"Today people from this country, and from countries all around the world, are coming together in this walk for peace bringing further realization of the Hopi prophecies." -- Hopi Interpreter-Messenger Thomas Banyacya

"...prophecies foretold of the day when young people from this country would move from a western direction...[for] if these destructive actions are not stopped other forces will arise to purify the land...storms or floods will occur warning us that we must stop these wrong actions and seek peace through spiritual means."

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Read about the 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign Events, with messages from Iroquois leader Chief Jake Swamp, Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Global Peace Walk initiator Yusen Yamato, actor Jon Voight, et al, in San Francisco's New World Times, Spring 1990 articles at:

----excerpts of below Banyacya messages:

Hopi, Banyacya: "...through that religion we are going to find each other, we who are searching for the right way of living the truth and the peaceful way of harmony with each other...together we must share with each other, come together and live in peace..."

"They’re going to create terrible things for the nation here if they insist on doing this. All the nations of the world will look to this country as aggressive people, actually criminal, because they will destroy the people for no reason at all." -- Thomas Banyacya, below predicting our situation now where we have our enemies threatening nuclear attacks on our US cities.

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Hotevilla, October 11, 1969

Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

"My name is Thomas Banyacya. I've been interpreting for my people for a number of years, since 1948 when, in Shungopavi Village, Hopi Leaders, Chiefs and Religious men met for four days and went into many of the Hopi prophesies and knowledge that was kept within the religious societies ever since we came here many, many centuries ago. Since 1948 I have been putting all of my time and effort into helping my people to explain their position, their religious lives, their traditions, their warnings and their prophesies, for they tell that this is the time of world events and troubles, things that had been prophesied are now being fulfilled, and they felt that it is time that this knowledge be brought out to all people, not only to the Hopis, not only to the other Indian people in this land, but to all people who are here on the continents called North and South America. Because, we are facing a severe day where severe punishment may be meted out for some of us who have not been following the instructions of the Great Spirit.

"The Hotevilla people have the sacred stone tablets, the Oraibi people have the sacred stone tablets, and the Shungopavi people on another mesa have their religious order still functioning as it was from the beginning. The village of Mishongnovi and the first mesa people are still exercising and carrying on their sacred ritual ceremonies. They are all holding on to the life of the Great Spirit and of the people here in this land, so that this land will never be destroyed like it happened in another world.

"The main reason they are now bringing this out and sending us to different areas is to tell the people, to warn the people, to explain this to them, to compare our knowledge, to compare our languages and to compare our religious things, so that through that religion we are going to find each other – we, who are searching for the right way of living the truth and the peaceful way of harmony with each other and with nature all around, the clouds, the rain, the animals and the plant life. We are all a part of it. We cannot break away from that. We are going to have to understand this so that we can look at each other. We are just like the trees out there – all different people with different languages, different colors and different ways of expression. We are just like any other part of nature that is around us. This, we must understand.

"The Hopi stands on the religious and spiritual grounds that our old people have kept in their religious societies. Each one has his own special duty, and this is like in any animal, bird, fruit of all kind and the flowers. Everything has its own gift to give to the world, to share and to give to others. So, each one of us and each of the religious men also has that duty, whether he is a small person or a young man. We are all looking and searching for peace, harmony and better understanding amongst ourselves, so that we can face that day which Hopi call Purification Day, some say Judgment Day, some say Last Day. The Hopi were given that religion or belief and understanding of life in order to stand there to prove to the Great Spirit when we face him again that we will still be speaking the Hopi language and standing on our own path. The others were given their knowledge also, and you must stand on that path.

"But, together we must share with each other, come together and live in peace until we get there, so that when the Great Spirit stands up we will not be afraid. Because, the Great Spirit also provided that there will be a Purifier who will stand there to weed out the bad ones from among us. It will be done with power and might. We cannot change that, we cannot stop it, and we cannot add anything to it to change it. That’s the way it’s laid out, and these leaders know this. So, the basic thing now is for these leaders to explain this standard of life, so that we may get a better understanding of it.”

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Hotevilla, October 11, 1969
Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

----------next, 4pp [undated, after 1974] document titled:

Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya speaks of the Hopi Prophecy and
its Relation to PL 93-531 (The Navajo/Hopi relocation Act of 1974).

Different people come out and say that there is a dispute between Hopi and Navajo about land, and the U.S. government, through the Tribal Council, says there is a dispute between Hopi and Navajo, but, that’s not true.

This land is the home of all original Native people, whether it’s Navajo, Paiute, or Shoshone or any other Native people across the country. It belongs to all of us as a homeland. It is our only own country and the place we were born and raised and spread out in the four directions of this continent and we settled according to the Law of the Great Spirit. White man came recently. Like we always say, he came just yesterday and now he claims this land and put out written laws and refer to this law as supreme law of this land. But, the Native people were already here and taking care of this land through spiritual ways of prayers, meditation, songs, and fasting, and exercising all the ceremonials; things that were invented here by the Great Spirit. To us, we’re dealing with forces of Nature. It’s not written but we know the forces of Nature around us and within us, and how we connect with animals, birds, and plant life and all the things that we see that we use. And we look to this Earth as our Mother because from Mother Earth we receive all our nourishment, all the food, everything; everything grows from her and we are holding to the Law of the Great Spirit and to us that is the supreme law of this land. The highest supreme law of the land is a spiritual law and nature’s law which the Great Spirit gave us, all the Native people, to take care of this land and life for Him according to His instructions.

Back in 1948 my Elders, who are the higher spiritual leaders of traditional people, gathered all the spiritual leaders from all the different villages, and they’re 80, 90 and 100 years old. They went through four days of explaining ancient prophecies that had been handed down from one generation to the next by word of mouth to the present leaders there. And they felt the time has come to reveal this to the world because two main prophecies known to the Hopis came about. And, after four days they gave four of us special permission and appointed us, as High Leaders of all the Hopi spiritual leaders, to be their interpreters, to carry this message to the world because two main important things came about at that time, that through his writings and other ways, the White man would take control of this land, 4 corners and take this land away from us one day, which they did when they passed his law called “Indian Land Claim Commission”, in 1946. Then another thing that White man is going to invent is what we refer to as the “gourd” rattle; we use it in our ceremony; a small thing but it will be so hot and so powerful that if White man invents this and lets it erupt on earth, it will burn everything to ashes.

That is exactly what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to them, those two main prophecies had become fulfilled in those days, so they met and selected us to go out and tell the world never to make that atom bomb again because once you do that sooner or later you’re going to destroy yourself and the whole world. You’re going to burn everything to ashes some day, and we were told not to allow anyone to come in here to take any mineral resources out of the area at this time because they knew that White brothers before had abused their power, abused the mineral resources and invented so many powerful things that would destroy himself and others. Things are wrong then and there is a great disturbance in Nature and then Nature takes over so, that is why this area is very important, and they stressed that every day this must be told to the people. We must leave this in a natural way, not disturb this land in any manner until White man learn to live in peace and harmony and use these many resources in the right manner. Then, we can let them use some of it, but not too much.

The four corners reservation is the Sacred Scripture Circle of the Hopi. There were people living here a long time ago; along with the Hopi were the Navajo. We were able to work out ways to live together and share this land together in our traditional religious way, to respect nature and respect each other. So, we traded back and forth and helped one another that way. Then, the U.S. government comes around passing laws and regulations and set up executive order reservations against the wishes of the people. They created grazing districts and started fencing those areas. That is what caused what you call the Navajo/Hopi land dispute which is actually, to the Hopi, a land dispute between Hopi, Navajo and Paiute, against the government, over land. So, we are trying to tell all the people we are not fighting, quarrelling, disputing over this land, because this is our homeland. We’re all living on it, we’re sharing it, we’re trading back and forth. Many Hopi and Navajo have inter-married, and we have all taken care of this land according to the Law of the Great Spirit. We know that the Great Spirit is also warning us that if we allow this to happen then we are not following the law of the Great Spirit. And, they told us if this happens around the edges of the land you are going to see many things take place, like earthquakes. There’s more earthquakes now here. They’re getting stronger. Then mountains are going to be blowing their tops. Then it also says that human beings are going to start misusing their mineral resources and using them in a destructive way and when the sun rises it will be a blood red color and set in a blood red color. We couldn’t understand that for awhile but, now we see it because of pollution; the rain would be warm instead of cold; of course, that refers to acid rain.

Then, more severe drought develops, more severe winters, wind becomes terribly destructive all over, lightning will be the last one. This is the thing that the Hopi Elders are holding onto through prayer and meditation, to keep this land in balance so that this will not happen.

I am the only one left of the four who were selected to carry this message, and I’m doing everything they told me to do, to bring this message to as many people across the country as possible, to go up and down the United States and also in Canada. I also met all the Native people across the country and told them about this thing and compared knowledge. They know about it. I met many people from South America and they know about this. I met some people up in Alaska, with people from Canada and they knew about this same thing. Even from Indian, Japan, Africa; their spiritual leaders told me that they think we’re rushing into a terrible destruction because human beings don’t seem to understand spiritual law, or they put aside these things and go about collecting material things and abusing the mineral resources.

The U.S. is always talking about peace and freedom, but they are going to be allowed to come and disturb the people who are living on this land. This is our home. This is the only country we have. We’re not bothering the government, we’re not forcing anyone to move here and there; we’re just living there. Now they come in with this law PL 93-531 (Navajo/Hopi Relocation Act of 1974) and try to force us out by law. They put this back up there, like the Hopi says, “behind closed doors” in Washington and say "this is what we’re going to do." And they passed that law; it’s a law now; they passed it without even asking us, without even giving us a chance to say anything about it. They just made it so now they’re going to enforce it. To me, it’s like taxation without representation; without representation they’re going to force this relocation on us.

Many of our people have become “landless”. By these laws, the U.S. government has stripped away from us our right to hunt, fish, our right to the forest and the things out in the hills like medicine and food. We’re restricted; we’re fenced in. So the last stages are come to this area and to the Hopi the last stages are coming now.

It will be up to Hopi, up to Navajo, up to Paiute Nations, and up to good White people who will understand the wrongness of it and the terrible things that will come later, to not allow this to happen. They will come along to help, they will rise up also to help the Elders to save this land for the Great Spirit. So we’re asking the White people across the country; it’s your government, you are the tax payers, you vote these men into congress, and they’re doing this to us right out here. They’re going to create terrible things for the nation here if they insist on doing this. All the nations of the world will look to this country as aggressive people, actually criminal, because they will destroy the people for no reason at all.

We’re minding our own business and following our spiritual ways and taking care of this land. We hope that this land and human lives will not be totally destroyed. To the Hopi, this is the last attempt for the U.S. government, with Public Law 93-531, to take everything away from us and fence us in, they go all out for mineral resources development. This means ripping up our sacred shrines and burial grounds and our ruins. These sacred things will be uprooted and we don’t know if there may be a terrible earthquake that will knock everything down. We don’t want to see this happen so we’re asking the American people to hurry up and stop this Bill PL 93-531.

If we follow that bill it means we must go up to the highest mountain and jump off a cliff. The U.S. government must look at their religious instruction. We look to the U.S. to be a Christian government. They say they are. Every government that gets into office has its hand on the bible saying “I will not lie and cheat and plunder”. The same principle that most of the native people are still holding onto, understanding. We have no written book but we know in our hearts that these are very sacred principles that we are holding onto. To keep this land and life in balance for the Great Spirit. And. I hope that many of you people understand and will help us stop PL 93-531. I hope that this will be done in a peaceful way, without violence of any kind.

Thomas Banyacya [signature, undated]