The American Scientific Revolution

Retyped from 1/3 page handout dated circa Spring 1982

The American Scientific Revolution

One change in thinking, to bring the mind of humankind into harmony with the natural law and order of light itself, thereby bringing into being a future of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on earth.

Just as the 1770's saw the fruition of the violent American political revolution which has brought about today's first nation to develop, use, and continually threaten to use nuclear weapons to maintain a non-spiritual materialistic system of rules and regulations, called laws, enforced by violence, by the threat of violence, and by the threat of poverty, so now in the 1980's is coming to fruition the non-violent American Scientific Revolution to end the worldwide rule of violence with the indomitable force of the one truth and its spiritual promise of a literal paradise on earth.

Foremost after the incredibly harmonizing change in human capabilities due to the new knowledge of the American Scientific Revolution, the imminent benefits include newly discovered and proven technologies (presently suppressed or shamelessly ignored by an apparently immoral "mainstream" American "Scientific Establishment") to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power; thereby eliminating untold suffering due to human economic exploitation, sickening pollutions, and the dangers of nuclear radiation.

To change America's destructive and bankrupting war economy into a caring and prospering worldwide economy to produce paradise on earth, the American Scientific Revolution needs your serious commitment to understanding and propagating the perfect truth.

Join the American Scientific Revolution in study and become a true American hero. For more details and how you can help right now, contact:

David Crockett Williams, C.L.U., B.S.
American Peace Movement Organizer (805) 966-2813
2520 Mesa School Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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