The Achilles Heel of Modern Science

The Achilles Heel of Modern Science

by: David Crockett Williams C.L.U.

April 16, 1987

Since the advent of the atomic age, modern science has been narrowed to become primarily the tool of a system of technology financed by agencies of the governments, which make up laws to further a materialistic way of thinking (characterized by greed, distorted thought, and anger) that is enforced on the people by fear of the threat of violence.

This modern science has brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation, and it must be corrected into harmony with the natural order by facing up to its own acknowledged compromise of the true nature of light -- a compromised truth which stands as a hollow cornerstone and Achilles heel of this modern science.

This modern science acknowledges that light is described by the quantity "C", as in E=mC^2. It is acknowledged that C is a unique physical measurement parameter (because it is existent relative to the identity of the observer) best described as the constant and limiting value of the velocity of light, as a vector quantity oriented relative to the identity of the observer. In all modern scientific mental constructs depicting the mass (inertial or gravitational) of an object, the accuracy of the energy interpretations of these constructs is distinctly influenced by the accuracy of the corresponding understanding of the true nature of C^2. When, as is now the case, the prevalent school of thought insists that C^2 is, "for all intents and purposes", a scalar quantity, it identifies its weak link.

Until this compromise is ended, how can modern science understand and apply the empirical discoveries documenting the heretofore apparently unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties -- since objects in rotational motion have a vector property whose orientation relative to the identity of the observer is potentially as significant as in the case of C^2?

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