Initiating the American Peace March
Ceremony Re-Dedicating Washington Monument

Felipe Chavez, of the Rainbow Family Kid Village Kitchen who helped conduct the Global Peace Walk of 1995 across country from New York to San Francisco for the United Nations 50th anniversary to inaugurate the UN 1995-2004 International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples, conducted a Sacred Pipe Ceremony with about 30 people at the Washington Monument on October 24, 2003, to inaugurate the American Peace March on as the Steps for Peace Walk was approaching New York City on its way to Washington DC and ending in San Francisco on February 29, 2003. Several routes of the American Peace March were scheduled and a couple of local walks did happen, in Atlanta, and in Madison Wisconsin, but for the most part this project still has not "fired up".

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October 24, 2003, One-Person Ceremony Re-Dedicates Washington Monument Symbol of The Spirit of America

To Initiate The 2003-2004 American Peace March

From the Washington Monument, November 15, 2003
To San Francisco, California, February 29, 2004 & back
To The Washington Monument, October 24, 2004

Join the American Peace March Council, Nov. 12-14
Help plan the routes, offer yourself for global peace now
Come to join the peace walk council West Capitol Lawn
Join Three Days Lobbying - US Department of Peace

Inspired by the Peace Walk Across America by one twenty year old man walking as a prayer for peace through developing a culture of love as per his inspiration from Rep. Dennis Kucinich, recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award 2003, initiator of the department of peace idea, and US Presidential Candidate 2004

Join The Peace Walk coming from Maine to DC
UN NYC Oct.31, Philly Nov.5, Wilmington Nov.6, DC Nov.11

Main Walk Events

Help conduct local support walks and national walk