Empowering the American Peace Movement

Empowering the American Peace Movement

Since the end of the Vietnam War, the American People have become aware of a grave threat to life that has come from the mind of American Science. Born of the fear of Nazi Germany, nuclear weapons were tested on civilians in Japan and have been developed to today's level capable of destroying all life on earth.

Lately, even the dangers of nuclear power have become so acute that many people are worried sick.

What a strange twist of fate it is that the same past decade has manifested a healing moral intervention to empower the American Peace Movement and change the path of human progress away from destruction and towards perfection.

Morality, the domain of religion, has been influencing and changing the minds of American scientists through spiritual experiences which have led to new discoveries that redefine the nature of physical reality itself. Becoming conscious of the latent natural order, brilliant minds have uncovered the knowledge to bring true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance to our planet.

Recently, religious leaders of east and west have revealed ancient teachings which not only agree with each other, but also with the new discoveries in American Science of the natural order.

After Albert Einstein developed his famous understanding of E=mC^2, which began the atomic age, he worked unsuccessfully the rest of his life to develop equations of the natural order, equations he termed "unified field theory". These equations were completed in 1977 by an American scientist named David Crockett Williams, Jr., who thereafter predicted "This means the end of nuclear and fossil fuel power. This means new inventions for harnessing free energy and the clean-up of our planet. This means unlimited advances in human capabilities."

As though to fulfill these predictions, American scientist Bruce E. DePalma began the Spring of 1985 on radio KCSB with mention of his proven discoveries for fuel-less non-conventional energy technologies in electrical power generation and anti-gravity transportation systems due to the heretofore unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties of matter. DePalma's discussion there at U.C. Santa Barbara, the home of the U.S. national Institute for Theoretical Physics, started with his observation of "the need for a new direction; science lacks a sense of morality -- what we need is some kind of moral intervention."

This point may be best appreciated by reflecting on the story of Nikola Tesla and the development of power technologies. Tesla was a brilliant Yugoslavian electrical genius who Thomas Edison brought to the U.S. as a trouble shooter in the early days of electrical power technology when D.C. electric power was all that was known. It was Tesla who discovered alternating current and who invented the A.C. motor and generator. He was also the one who built the first hydroelectric power plant in the world, at Niagara Falls.

After a falling out with Edison due to Edison's faulty moral character, and after his laboratory experiments in the development of new power technologies proved to be inappropriately located in Brooklyn, Tesla set up his laboratory in Pike's Peak in Colorado. From there he developed his discoveries about the natural resonance frequency (like a heartbeat) of the earth itself and the difference in electrical potential between the earth's upper atmosphere and its surface. The result was demonstrated in a test he performed where he tapped into the earth's own natural electromagnetic field and produced electricity without fuel or mechanical power conversion and he broadcast this "free" electricity without wires to light up light bulbs 40 miles away. Tesla then obtained financial backing from J.P. Morgan and built a power plant on Long Island which was to power all of the United States with fuel-less and wireless electric power. But before the plant was put into operation, it was scuttled by Morgan and the financial conspiracy at the time to keep control of the people and the wealth.

This means that nuclear power, polluting coal and oil burning power plants, and even internal combustion automobiles never even needed to happen! This knowledge is still available today, and more.

While working at his Colorado laboratory, Tesla concluded numerous tests of the various places in the Four Corners area. He found that the Black Mesa region is an extremely unique electromagnetic energy center where the most lightning strikes the earth due to the electrostatic interaction of the underground water flows with the massive coal deposits near the earth's surface. Tesla even succeeded with an apparatus to duplicate the phenomenon in that area called "ball lightning" where lightning skips across the ground in a ball instead of from the sky to the earth's surface."

Tesla's findings support the teachings of the indigenous Hopi Indian spiritual leaders who maintain that the large scale disturbances on the Black Mesa, due to coal strip mining and draining the underground water tables to transport that coal in a slurry line to the coal fired highly polluting electric power plants miles away, is responsible for the severe changes in global weather patterns that have resulted in catastrophic natural disasters, droughts, etc., on the increase worldwide concurrent with this mining in the last twenty years.

The same ethic of materialism that stopped Tesla's "free energy" technologies in the early years of the 20th century, is today visibly responsible for wars, hunger, poverty, homelessness, pollution, and the prostitution of the American scientific community resulting in the completely insane endangerment of our planet threatened with the potential of complete destruction of all life by nuclear holocaust.

It is to offer the appropriate moral intervention that the American Peace Movement is now being formally organized and empowered.

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