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We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

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23Nov03 Global Peace Sunday
22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech

Starting November 17, 2003, at/from The White House in Lafayette Park "signs" location of the ongoing since 1981 White House Peace Park Anti-Nuclear Global Peace Vigil conducted by members of Proposition One for Global Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion ( -- Peace Relay Walking West to New Year's Eve Global Peace Prayer Vigil outside Leavenworth Prison (near Lawrence, Kansas) location of imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, then on to January 15, 2004, ceremony at the Oklahoma Murrah Memorial, walking Amarillo TX, Albuquerque NM, Flagstaff AZ, Las Vegas NV, Colorado River Water Ceremony, in California by way of Tehachapi, Cesar Chavez Foundation La Paz Community in Keene, to Bakersfield, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, ending San Francisco at United Nations Plaza February 29, 2004.


WEST ROUTE ------------------------

To Depart 17Nov 11am White House, Lafayette Park Peace Vigil since 1981 -- 202-682-4282 -- Proposition One
See 1998 March for Peaceful Energy saga and DOE letter from "Energy" button/link
(What Happened?)

Falls Church VA -- Nov.18 Tuesday

Winchester VA -- Nov.19 Wednesday

Romney WV -- Nov.20 Thursday

Grafton WV -- Nov.21 Friday

Clarksburg WV -- Nov.22 Saturday

Parkersburg WV -- Nov.23 Sunday

Athens OH -- Nov.24 Monday

Chillicothe OH -- Nov.25 Tuesday

Hillsboro OH -- Nov.26 Wednesday

Cincinnati OH -- November 27 Thanksgiving

Indianapolis IN -- December 8 Enlightenment Day

East St. Louis -- December 22 "Minute for Peace" Observance

St. Louis MO -- December 25 Christmas

Columbia MO -- December 26

Independence MO -- December 27

Kansas City MO -- December 28

Kansas City KS -- December 29, Observance of the 113th Anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre

Lawrence KS -- December 30

Leavenworth Penitentiary Vigil Honoring Leonard Peltier-- December 31 New Year's Eve

Miami OK -- January 6

Tulsa OK -- January 9, Fujii Guruji 20th Demise Anniversary

Oklahoma City, OK -- January 15, 2004, 11am
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Anniversary Observance
Sacred Ceremony at Murrah Memorial
Offering The Teaching of Nonviolence as The Antidote to Terrorism
"To set the dates for global nuclear disarmament"

Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 31 - Feb.1, 2004,
Saturday-Sunday, All Indigenous Nations -- Spiritual Unity Peace March Gathering

Feb. 2 Gallup, NM,11am City Hall, American Groundhog's Day Observance

Feb. 3 Window Rock, Arizona, 11am Navajo Nation Headquarters, Hopi-Dineh Council

Feb. 4-8, Keams Canyon Campground, Hopi Tribe Reservation Basecamp

Feb. 5, Oraibi Wash Campground, Noon Sacred Circle of Hands Ceremony
"Progressive Traditional Reconciliation Ceremony and Sacred Council"
(subject permissions all parties)

Feb.5, 4:20pm 1mile Walk to Oraibi, AZ, Hopi Tribe Headquarters for Sunset Prayer Ceremony (center of Hopi reservation, oldest settlement in North America,
subject to permissions by all parties)

Feb.4-5 Walk/Run from Big Mountain, Black Mesa, to Oraibi Wash Ceremony
(disputed area, coal mining for power plants, subject to permissions by all parties)

Feb.5 Tuba City, AZ, Evening Celebration of Hopi-Dineh Reconciliation

Flagstaff AZ - February 6-8, 2004, Fri./Sat./Sun., details tba

February 6th, Global Ceremonies Opening Red Road to Peace

Feb.7-8, Hopi-Dineh Reconciliation Flagstaff Global Peace Council Gathering

"Global Peace Big Mountain Resolution"

There ususally is snow time of year, but main roads are cleared ok and hosts in Flagstaff to arrange indoors for everything. A special delegation of the walk will have to go ahead on special mission to Hopi driving right after Albuquerque Gathering to make arrangements for Hopi and Dineh (Navajo) participations and permissions for above venues/events and in Flagstaff at walk main event as above. People all over the world will suport this due to Big Mountain issue, ie, purported continuing US native peoples genocide relocating Navajo to get more coal and uranium under their land. Very controversial issue, but we have deep experience in our network on this over many decades and respect Navajo Hopi Tribal Progressive Governments to do the right thing with new information about new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to work together will all parties to help end the coal strip mining on the Sacred Black Mesa draining all their water.

Williams, AZ, 11am City Hall

Kingman, AZ, 11am City Hall

Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, February 11, 2003, 9am City Hall walk to DOE
11am-Noon, Main Event at US Department of Energy Office --

-- Rally to End Nuclear Testing, Wastes, Weapons, then Walk/Run afterwards to Nuclear Test Site Vigil Camp Overnight, Mercury, Nevada (~60mi)

Thursday, February 12, 2004, Walk Camp to Test Site Gate for Global Peace Prayer Ceremony 11am, Overnight Camp or Poo Hah Bah Healing Center, Pahrump NV
Above events/ceremony Honoring Corbin Harney, Spiritual Leader Western Shoshone Nation

Drive to Colorado River for Water Ceremony
11am Friday, February 13, 2004
Overnight Camp on River 1-2mi north outside Needles, CA
Rendesvous with California Regional Organizers
Council on California Walk Dynamics

Sacred Peace Relay Run 222mi
Arrives at Cesar Chavez Memorial Feb.15 Sunday 4:20pm Ceremony

Main California Peace Walk Headquarters Encampment
Saturday, February 14, 2004, Valentines Day, Tehachapi
Capital Hills Global Peace Zone Ceremonial Area and Peace Pagoda Site,
Global Peace Park Site

Sunday, February 15, 2004, 7am -- Walk 6-miles from Camp
9am -- Attend Church Service at Golden Hills United Methodist Church -- then walk 12 miles to 4:20pm -- Memorial Ceremony at Cesar Chavez Gravesite, La Paz Community, Keene, California

Walking, Running, Relays to keep on time to

Monday, February 16, 2004, Bakersfield City Hall 11am

Tuesday, February 17, 2004, Fresno City Hall 11am

Wednesday, February 18, 2004, Modesto City Hall 11am

Friday, February 20, 2004, 11am, Walk Arrival Ceremony, Sacramento State Capitol

Sacred Circle of Hands Ceremony on West Capitol Lawn
Inviting Governor and Legislators to take part in Sacred Circle

Saturday/Sunday, Feb. 21-22, Main Peace Walk Capitol Gathering
Location to be annouced, Peace Camp and Peace Walk Council

Thursday, Feb. 26, 11am Berkeley City Hall
Walk to Oakland City Hall for Conference with Mayor Jerry Brown
5th Anniversary of Mayor Brown's "Oakland Global Peace Walk Day" first Mayoral Proclamation

Friday, February, 27, Walk into San Francisco, 11am City Hall

Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 28-29 Peace Camp and Council, Golden Gate Park

Sunday, Feb. 29, Walk to United Nations Plaza, Closing Ceremony Noon Circle of Hands.

Monday, March 1, 2004, San Francisco Spiritual United Nation Conference Towards Updating The United Nations Charter

(details to follow soon see balance of basic route on webpage)


We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October

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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October