American Peace March Routes-Schedule

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This page contains ongoing expanding index of local, regional, national, and international routes and schedules offerings under auspices of the American Peace March.

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22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech
23Nov03 Global Peace Sunday

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American Peace March GENERAL PLAN

American Peace March 2003-2004 Basic Purpose and Philosophy

PEACE RELAY WALKS -- Routes and Schedule Offerings
Starting November 15, 2003, from Washington, D.C.

NORTH ROUTE -- From Washington DC Citizen Summit to City Hall November 15th, to tip of Maine January 15, 2004, then from Canada-Washington State Border January 15, 2004, to San Francisco ending February 29, 2004.
North Route basic East Coast printable flyer "DC Peace Chest Tour"

WEST ROUTE -- From The White House Peace Park Vigil in Lafayette Park November 17th, to Oklahoma City Murrah Memorial Ceremony January 15, 2004, to San Francisco ending February 29, 2004

SOUTH ROUTE -- From Washington DC City Hall November 22nd to December 22nd Atlanta, Georgia, visiting The King Center legacy institution of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Carter Center of President Jimmy Carter at Emory University, Peace Relay Walking to southern tip of Florida on January 15, 2004, then same day starting at the Mexico-USA southwest border marker at Pacific Ocean in Border Fields California State Park with Peace Relay Walking to San Francisco ending February 29, 2004.

EAST ROUTE -- From the East Steps of the US Capitol departing November 23, Peace Relay Walking to airport and delegation walking overseas to/in Europe, Jerusalem, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, back to California to San Francisco Airport and walking to end UN Plaza with other routes February 29, 2004.

DALLAS ROUTE -- From Atlanta, Georgia, December 22nd, to Dallas, Texas, to Oklahoma City Murrah Memorial ceremony January 15, 2004, joining WEST ROUTE.

LAKOTA ROUTE -- From Madison, Wisconsin, December 8th, through South Dakota's territory of the Lakota Peoples of The Sacred Pipe of Peace, ending January 15, 2004, joining NORTH ROUTE at Canada-USA Border.

The Dallas Route is termed a "splinter route" because it splits off from the South Route on its schedule.

The Lakota Route is termed a "feeder route" because it starts at a place separate from any other routes and ends by joining on schedule the North Route.

American Peace March 2004 SF-DC starts at San Francisco United Nations Plaza on March 20th walking to Washington Monument Symbol of The Spirit of America and ending with Closing Ceremony there on October 24, 2004, route(s) to be determined by networking from 2003 Peace Relay Walks.

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