American Peace March SOUTH ROUTE

We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

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NEW -- Carolinas Peace Wave Relay Harmony Walk to Atlanta 2003 Schedule:

Kill Devil Hills, NC -- Wed 17Dec03 100th Anniversary Wright Brothers Flight:
Announce 16Dec03 offering below
"To Give Rise Like 'The Flyer' to The True Spirit of America"
Beloved Community Walk for Global Harmony same path as
replica airplane flies after test, See:

Kitty Hawk, NC -- Thurs 18Dec03 Spirit of America News
Share Atlanta, Iowa, Jerusalem 22Dec Walks status
11am Walk around block of Town Hall asking message from mayor

Mayor Bill Harris

Town of Kitty Hawk

Post Office Box 549

101 Veterans Memorial Drive

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 27949

Phone 252-261-3552

Fax 252-261-7900


Raleigh, NC -- Friday 19Dec03, 11am Beloved Community Walk for Global Harmony from City Hall to State Capitol
Offering same theme as in below letter to Atlanta Mayor and Georgia Governor

Columbia, SC -- Saturday 20Dec03, 11am Beloved Community Walk for Global Harmony
Same, walk city hall to capitol, offer this week to mayor and governor for Saturday press

Atlanta, GA -- Sunday 21Dec03 11am CNN Headquarters Entrance, walk around block promoting 22-23Dec03 Events
Evening gathering to rally walkers for Dec22, overnight, place tba, Methodist Church


16Dec03 Offer to President Carter, Coretta Scott King, Atlanta Mayor, Georgia Governor
Good Example to stimulate websites to post such messages...
To Define and Give Rise to "The True Spirit of America" in All Hearts
For Global Peace Now!

Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony

23Nov03 Global Peace Sunday
22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech

Starting November 22, 2003, from the steps of Washington, D.C., City Hall walking south to Atlanta, Georgia, visiting The King Center and The Carter Center, main walk event December 22nd to send off the Dallas Route, then walking to southern tip of Florida January 15, 2004, and starting same day from southwest border of USA-Mexico at the monument at the Pacific Ocean in Border Fields California State Park walking up through San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara February 6, 2004, to Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose, ending San Francisco February 29, 2004, at United Nations Plaza.

SOUTH ROUTE -------------------------------

Depart Washington DC City Hall 11am Saturday Nov.22

Peace Relay Walking through Virginia in "Two Legs"

(EAST LEG, see below, and...)


Falls Church VA -- Sunday Nov.23

Warrenton VA -- Monday Nov.24

Culpepper VA -- Tuesday Nov.25

Charlottesville VA -- Wednesday Nov.26

Faber VA -- Thursday Nov.27 Thanksgiving, Fri.Nov.28 First South Route Main Event, focus Monroe Institute, Faber VA Nov.27
(SOUTH ROUTE Nov.27 Main Event)

The Monroe Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization founded by Robert Monroe. We have investigated human consciousness for over forty years. Thousands of people have benefited from the residential courses, outreach workshops and Hemi-SyncŪ tapes and cds in unique and individual ways.

Find out more about the residential programs offered at the Institute. Check the program schedule and call (toll-free) 1-866-881-3440 for reservations.

The Monroe Institute programs encourage the evolution and growth of human consciousness through personal exploration of profound states of expanded awareness. Many who attend programs develop a different overview, a changed perspective from which life's experiences seem to take on new significance.

The Monroe Institute []<-map

62 Roberts Mountain Road
Faber, Virginia 22938
1-866-881-3440 (toll-free)
Fax: 434-361-1237

Amherst VA -- Saturday Nov 29

Lynchburg VA -- Sunday Nov. 30

Altavista -- December 1 Monday

Chatham -- December 2 Tuesday

Danville VA -- December 3 Wednesday

Reidsville NC -- December 4 Thursday

Greensboro NC -- December 5 Friday

Lexington NC -- December 6 Saturday

Concord NC -- December 7 Sunday (Pearl Harbor Day)

Charlotte NC -- December 8 Monday (Human Enlightenment Day Anniversary)

Spartanburg SC -- December 9 Tuesday

Greenville SC -- December 12 Friday

Anderson SC -- December 15 Monday

Dec16Tues Hartwell GA --- and --- Toccoa GA

Dec17Wed Athens GA --- and --- Cornelia GA

18Thurs Monroe GA --- and --- Gainesville GA

19Fri Decatur GA --- and --- Buford GA

ATLANTA GA -- (Main Event) December 22 Monday
40th Annual "Global Minute for Peace" Observance

Print Flyer for Dec22-23 Atlanta Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony
Atlanta Area Community Coordinator: B.J. Doucet

11am Walking from The Carter Center to The King Center (~1mile)
Dallas Route then departs from King Center and South Route continues as below

The King Center
449 Auburn Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 526-8900 <--map
Fax Attn: Mr. L. Cothren 404-526-8969 - Mrs. King Media Statements
Fax Attn: Mr. Robert Vickers 404-526-8969 - Mrs. King Scheduling

The Carter Center in cooperation with Emory University
The Carter Center <--map
One Copenhill
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307
Volunteer Office
Public Information Office - Fax 404-420-5145
Interview requests for President Carter or Mrs. Carter
c/o Deanna Congileo, director of the Public Information office
Requests to interview experts from the Center Peace Programs
c/o Kay Torrance, assistant director of Public Information, Peace Programs
Requests to interview experts from the Center Health Programs
c/o Emily Howard, coordinator, Health Programs
Mail Requests to:
The Carter Center
Public Information Office
One Copenhill
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

(DALLAS Splinter ROUTE to West)


Atlanta GA -- Tuesday December 23 11am Atlanta City Hall to Georgia State Capitol

Macon GA -- December 25 Thursday Christmas Day

Cordelle GA -- December 27 Saturday

Tifton GA -- December 28 Sunday

Moultrie GA -- December 29 Monday

Thomasville GA -- December 30 Tuesday

Tallahasee FL (Capitol) -- Wed. December 31 New Years Eve

Perry FL -- January 2

Cross City FL -- January 3

Tarpon Springs FL -- January 5

Clearwater FL -- January 6

St. Petersburg FL --January 7

Tampa FL -- January 8

Bradenton FL --

Sarasota FL -- January 9, Fujii Guruji 20th Demise Anniversary

Venice FL --

Punta Gorda FL --

Ft. Meyers FL -- January 11

Naples FL --

Everglades FL -- January 12

Miami FL -- Jan.13

(Merge with EAST LEG of South Route to Key Largo Jan.15)


EAST LEG - Peace Relay Walk from Washington DC Nov.22

Alexandria VA -- Nov.23 Sunday

Quantico VA -- Nov.24 Monday

Fredericksburg VA -- Nov.25 Tuesday

Ashland VA -- Nov.26 Wednesday

Richmond VA -- Nov.27 Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Hopewell VA -- Nov.28 Friday

Petersburg VA -- Nov.29 Saturday

Norfolk, Virginia Beach VA area dates tba

Henderson NC -- December 5 Friday

Wake Forest NC -- same... Dec.6
Durham NC -- Dec.6 Saturday

Raleigh NC (Capitol) -- December 7 Sunday

Sanford NC -- December 8 Monday

Columbia SC (Capitol) -- December 17 Wed

Savannah GA -- December 22 "Minute for Peace" Observance

Jacksonville FL -- December 25 Christmas

Jacksonville Beach FL -- Dec.27

St. Augustine FL -- Dec.29

Bunnell FL -- Dec.30

Daytona Beach FL -- December 31 New Year's Eve

West Palm Beach FL -- Jan.6 Tuesday

Fort Lauderdale FL -- Jan.10 Saturday

Hollywood FL -- Jan.11 Sunday

Miami Beach FL -- Jan.12 Monday

Miami FL -- Jan.13 Tuesday

(EAST LEG merges with SOUTH ROUTE to Key Largo Jan.15)

We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

Print/copy the basic American Peace March 2003-2004 Peace Relay Walker's
"All in One" Flyer, Poster, Peace Walk Sign, and "Peace Relay Walker ID Card" at

American Peace March GENERAL PLAN

American Peace March 2003-2004 General Information and Philosophy Overview

American Peace March 2003-2004 ROUTES and SCHEDULES Index


American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October

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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October