American Peace March LAKOTA ROUTE

Memorial at Wounded Knee, South Dakota
Remembering the Original Peoples' History of America

Mitakuye Oayasin -- "All My Relations"
(Everything is Related)

(MSNBC archives story of Wounded Knee 1973)

Biography of American Indian Movement Longest Walk initiator Dennis Banks

Dennis Banks speaks about Leonard Peltier

2002 Ceremony marking the 24th Anniversary of the Longest Walk.
In 1978, the Longest Walk travelled from Alcatraz to Washington D.C.
in response to Congressional proposals to abrogate Native treaty rights

Phillip Deere's Longest Walk Speech at US Capitol
"No more are we going to stand around...This is not the end of The Longest Walk!"

The Longest Walk Speech of Mahatma Gandhi's "Fujii Guruji"
Excerpt -- "We are about to bury the era of warfare, the era of violence, the era of murder and destruction...The civilization of the new era, the era of perpetual peace, will be the spiritual civilization... The religious faith that the Native Americans have carried down to this day will be the fountainhead (source) for creating lasting peace in the future."

Opening The Red Road to Peace

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Press Release sent to WI activists and WI media 7Dec03 ~3amPST

On 8Dec03 1:56-2:01amPST the Wisconsin Governor was faxed 8pp
including basic American Peace March Lakota Route Start Flyer at
and printout of email letter to him with 6Dec03 Press Release, same at
faxed to Madison WI City Mayor 2:02-2:08amPST offering to publicize
their supportive messages for global harmony in their letters or official
proclamations as per precedent examples offered by other mayors,
State governors, et al, in support of the Global Peace Walks 1995 and
2000 which included ten cities and counties which have been so
proclaimed as Global Peace Zones including (first) Taos, New Mexico,
(1st in NY) Rome NY at Woodstock '99 event, and San Francisco (1st
in California) with reference to texts of some of these precedents at Now local folks
have a good ongoing objective for local walks of media interest to
offer suggestions to the mayor and governor and get and publicize
their messages as an inspiration and example for other communities.
Print WordPad 1/4 page Lakota Route Start Flyer from above ^ url, TEXT:

Madison Wisconsin City Hall 11am Mon8Dec03

Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony

Empowering The American Peace March

LAKOTA ROUTE: Madison to McGovern Library to
Wounded Knee to Little Bighorn Battlefield
to USA-Canada Border Washington State 15Jan04
Peace Relay Walking to San Francisco 29Feb04
San Francisco to Washington DC 20Mar-24Oct04

To Spiritually Unite The Nation
American Peace March 2003-2004

Madison Local Contact:
Per Felipe Chavez, Sundancer 608-308-1083

-End flyer text. Routes/schedules for North Route, South Route, West Route, East Route, Dallas Route, Lakota Route, Walks for Global Harmony locally, Red Road to Peace:

Please Note: Lakota Route American Peace March starts Mon8Dec03
Madison Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony, local walk
Madison WI City Hall 11am, walk to State Capitol, asking mayor
and governor to issue peace proclamations per examples at then start
"Peace Relay Walk" to Wounded Knee 113th anniversary 29Dec03,
(McGovern Library, Mitchell SD 22Dec03 "Global Minute for Peace") -
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument 31Dec New Year's Eve
Prayer Vigil for Leonard Peltier (&WestRoute at Leavenworth Prison),
Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, ending USA-Canada
border January 15, 2004, start North Route West Coast to SF 29Feb

Madison area contact per Felipe Chavez, Sundancer 608-308-1083
See flyer on 24Oct03 Pipe Ceremony in Washington DC starting
American Peace March 2003-2004 - 25Oct03 March on Washington
American Peace March 2004 San Francisco to DC 20Mar-24Oct04

We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

Global Peace Sundays Campaign

Open Science Letter: Sen. Kennedy, Gov. Schwarzenegger, JFK 40th Demise 22Nov03

Conduct Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony
As Local Walks to Empower The American Peace March

United States' largest public mass execution was held December 26, 1862
Article: Minnesota Indian Uprising "Let Them Eat Grass"
August 17 - December 26, 1862
"We have no food, but here are these stores filled with food"
President Abraham Lincoln reviewed the list and trimmed it to 38. The United States' largest public mass execution was held December 26, 1862, when the 38 Indians were hanged.

8Dec03 11am Start "Walk in Spirit" Peace Relay, Madison, Wisconsin, City Hall

9Dec03 Richland Center, WI

10Dec03 La Crosse, WI

12Dec03 Rochester, MN

14De03 Owatonna, MN

15Dec03 Mankato, MN

18Dec03 Pipestone, MN

20Dec03 Sioux Falls, SD

22Dec03 George McGovern Library, Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota
40th Annual International "Global Minute for Peace" Observance

Rosebud, SD

Pine Ridge, SD

December 29, 2003, Wounded Knee, South Dakota
Wounded Knee Massacre 113th Anniversary Observance

30Dec03 Sturgis SD spiritual action, petition now, to stop Bear Butte desecration by shooting range construction

31Dec03, New Year's Eve Observance "In The Spirit of Crazy Horse"
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana
Concurrent New Year's Eve Vigil Honoring Leonard Peltier outside Leavenworth Prison KS
Leonard's Global Peace Walk Message, excerpts:
I send you my love and support from behind these prison walls! You are in my heart for the sacrifice you endure in helping to make our Earth Mother a place of peace and harmony. You represent the importance of reconciliation and unity. Global Peace Now is critical to the survival of the human race. Collectively, we have been apathetic to the state of our neighbors and the deteriorating condition of our Earth Mother for too long. Global Peace Now is not just an invitation, it is a great cry for us to open our eyes and ears, to use our heads and hands and create the kinds of change that will save the planet and all who live and breathe upon Her. Know that although I am still in prison, my heart is there within reach of every one of you. --- In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Leonard Peltier

1Jan04 Crow Agency, MT

2Jan04 Billings, MT

3Jan04 Livingston, MT

4Jan04 Bozeman, MT

5Jan04 Butte, MT

6Jan04 Helena, MT

7Jan04 Missoula, MT

8Jan04 Couer d' Alene,ID

09Jan04 Spokane, WA

13Jan04 Seattle, WA

14Jan04 Bellingham, WA

Blaine, WA (USA-Canada Border) January 15, 2004
End Lakota Route, Start NORTH ROUTE Schedule
West Coast to San Francisco to end 29Feb04.

------overview LAKOTA ROUTE

Starting at Madison, Wisconsin, City Hall steps, 11am, December 8, 2003, annual observance of the Human Enlightenment Day Celebration of the Buddhist Culture of Peace, then Peace Relay Walking through the South Dakota territory of the Lakota Peoples of the Sacred Pipe of Peace, with their guidance and permission, with December 22, 2003, 40th Annual International "Global Minute for Peace" Observance at the George McGovern Library at Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota, then at Wounded Knee South Dakota observing the December 29th remembrance of 113th anniversary of The Wounded Knee Massacre of Chief Bigfoot and his people.
(See MSNBC archives on story of Wounded Knee 1973)

Then to New Year's Eve 31Dec03 observance at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Peace Monument in Montana (coincident with New Year's Eve Vigil at Leavenworth Prison honoring Leonard Peltier and "The Spirit of Crazy Horse", ending Peace Relay Walk on January 15, 2004, at the USA-Canada Border joining North Route then walking south to arrive San Francisco for end walk ceremony at United Nations Plaza on February 29, 2004.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana
Philadelphia Inquirer, Wed. June 25, 2003, "A new day dawns at Little Bighorn"
"In 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed legislation to rename the battlefield Little Bighorn and calling for an Indian memorial...There was a groundbreaking in 1999, but little real movement until the current President Bush signed an appropriation last year."


Custer Battlefield Museum

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana

Lt. Col. George A. Custer died spectacularly here 127 years ago today, but for decades the colorful officer dominated the way the Battle of the Little Bighorn was retold.

Now, the five Indian tribes that took part in that day's fighting are finally getting what they feel is their due: a memorial honoring their role in the battle and recognition of their defense of their homes.

The $2.3 million Indian Memorial, the product of an often-contentious, 13-year process, is to be dedicated today as traditionally clothed Indian horsemen ride once more over the battlefield.

"To Native Americans this memorial is the first time in the history of the United States of America that aboriginal people are being recognized through governmental processes," said William C. Hair, a Northern Arapaho. "This is the closest we'll ever come to acknowledgment from the government of the atrocities we have suffered."

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed legislation to rename the battlefield Little Bighorn and calling for an Indian memorial. But the law appropriated no money.

Two Philadelphians, the husband and wife team of John Collins and Alison J. Towers, won the design competition in 1997. There was a groundbreaking in 1999, but little real movement until the current President Bush signed an appropriation last year. That led to the construction of the earthen and rock circular memorial, about 60 yards from the obelisk on the hill.

The interior of the memorial contains information on the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho who fought Custer, as well as the Crow and Arikara who scouted for him. There is a narrow opening on the side facing the obelisk, which Collins has called a "weeping wound" that symbolically invites the slain soldiers in.


We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

Print/copy the basic American Peace March 2003-2004 Peace Relay Walker's
"All in One" Flyer, Poster, Peace Walk Sign, and "Peace Relay Walker ID Card" at

American Peace March GENERAL PLAN

American Peace March 2003-2004 General Information and Philosophy Overview

American Peace March 2003-2004 ROUTES and SCHEDULES Index


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American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October