American Peace March EAST ROUTE

We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

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The Longest Walk Speech of Mahatma Gandhi's "Fujii Guruji"
Excerpt -- "We are about to bury the era of warfare, the era of violence, the era of murder and destruction...The civilization of the new era, the era of perpetual peace, will be the spiritual civilization...The religious faith that the Native Americans have carried down to this day will be the fountainhead (source) for creating lasting peace in the future."

23Nov03 Inspiration for Global Peace Sundays Campaign

Beloved Community Walks for Global Harmony
Conducting Local Walks to Empower The American Peace March

22Nov03 Open letter to Ted Kennedy on New Energy Sci-Tech

Offering The True Spirit of America -- "Walk in Spirit"
From Washington, D.C., U.S. Capitol East Steps
"There is Only One Law, The Law of Love" -- Sathya Sai

27Nov03 American Thanksgiving, Belfast, Ireland

7Dec03 Battersea Park, London, Peace Pagoda end 7days fasting (Pearl Harbor Day)

8Dec03 Milton Keynes Development (outside London)
Peace Pagoda Ceremony annual Human Buddha Enlightenment Day Observance
(more info see and

9Dec03 Lisbon, Portugal

10Dec03 Madrid, Spain

11Dec03 Champagne-Mouton, France

12Dec03 Paris, France

13Dec03 Berlin, Germany

14Dec03 Rome, Italy

16Dec03 Beograde, Yugoslavia, Tesla Museum

17Dec03 Sarajevo, Kosovo

18Dec03 Bosnia

20Dec03 Istanbul, Turkey

22Dec03 Jerusalem City of David, Ceremony to Unite its Three Faiths
40th Anniversary "Global Minute for Peace" Observance

23Dec03 Peace Walk from Jerusalem, Israel, to Bethlehem, Palestine

24-25Dec03 Christmas, Baghdad, Iraq

31Dec03 Tehran, Iran, Roman Calendar New Year's Eve

9Jan04 Kabul, Afghanistan
Fujii Guruji (1885-1985) Demise 20th Anniversary Observance
(Eastern cultures observe anniversaries one year advanced of Western cultures)
(See and

12Jan04 Lahore, Pakistan

13Jan04 Kashmir Glacier, Pakistan-India Border

14Jan04 Leh, Lahdahk, Shanti Stupa Peace Pagoda Observance

15Jan04 Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi, India
Sarvo Dharma Stupa Spiritual Pillar Observance
Birthday anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ashram of The Baghwan Swami, Sri Sathya Sai Baba

22Jan04 Rajgir Mountain, India, Lotus Sutra Origin Mountain
Shanti Stupa Peace Pagoda Observance

29Jan04 Lumbini, Nepal, Birthplace of the Shakyamuni Buddha
Shanti Stupa Peace Pagoda Observance

31Jan04 Katmandu, Nepal

02Feb04 Lhasa, Tibetan China, USA Groundhog's Day Observance

06Feb04 Beijing, Peoples Republic of China, Tiennamen Square
Red Road to Peace Observance

8Feb04 Pan Mun Jan, North Korea, US-Korea Treaty Room

11Feb04 North-South Korea Border

14Feb04 Seoul, South Korea

21Feb04 Eheji Temple, Japan

22Feb04 Nagasaki, Japan, George Washington's Birthday
Shanti Stupa Peace Pagoda Observance

23Feb04 Hiroshima, Japan

24Feb04 Mount Minobu, Japan, Odaimoku Origin Mountain

26Feb04 Tokyo, Japan

28-29Feb04 San Francsciso, California, Global Peace Zone Observance


This is a Scheduling Offering only. Actual manifestation of the local peace relay walks depends entirely on local supporters accepting and implementing this schedule with local peace relay walks on this schedule or any other schedule before or after these dates in promotion of upcoming dates, or as a "makeup" event for the below scheduled dates discovered too late to implement on below schedule. These routes will be the same coming in the opposite direction in 2004 as the American Peace March 2004 main route goes from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October, while the Red Silk Road Peace March ( The Red Silk Road to Peace ) retraces the reverse of this EAST ROUTE on same timing per below.

So this is all about networking and mobilizing for 2004 and using that event as current media interest item now to get news coverage of local support peace events now. In each location, if this or modified schedule for such events is adopted locally, coordinators there will advise local news media, mayors, et al, of local schedules and events/messages details as per local interests.

The American Peace March 2003-2004 EAST ROUTE is from East Steps of US Capitol Building on November 23, 2003, Peace Relay Walking to airport, then overseas to/in Europe, Jerusalem, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, then back to California for Peace Relay Walking from San Francisco airport to end United Nations Plaza on February 29, 2004. Then on March 20, 2004, from UN Plaza at start of American Peace March 2004 walking contiguous route(s) to Washington DC, same time departing to West is the Peace Relay Walk retracing this East Route back Westward under auspices of The Red Silk Road Peace March peace relay walking same route back arriving Washington DC joining American Peace March 2004 at closing ceremony October 24, 2004, at the Washington Monument Symbol of The Spirit of America, then Red Silk Road Peace March Tour from Washington DC to end in Keene, California home of Cesar Chavez La Paz Community on October 31, 2004, "El Dia de Los Muertos" the annual holiday honoring the dead.

See history of development of the Red Silk Road Peace March project inaugurated with the peace walk on the August 24, 2003 -- 9th anniversary of the birth of the first White Buffalo Calf ("Miracle") in apparent fulfillment of ancient Lakota prophecy by the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman bringer of the original teachings of the Sacred Pipe of Peace -- walking from Keene to Capital Hills Global Peace Zone Park and Monument site in Tehachapi.

We are The only One who Will make this happen! -- Let's Do It! -- For Global Peace Now!

Print/copy the basic American Peace March 2003-2004 Peace Relay Walker's
"All in One" Flyer, Poster, Peace Walk Sign, and "Peace Relay Walker ID Card" at

American Peace March GENERAL PLAN

American Peace March 2003-2004 General Information and Philosophy Overview

American Peace March 2003-2004 ROUTES and SCHEDULES Index


American Peace March 2004 from San Francisco 20March to Washington DC 24October

The Red Silk Road to Peace

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