Update of April 1, 2016, to Press Release and Addendum

Today, April 1, 2015, at Noon in Santa Barbara’s De La Guerra Plaza outside City Hall, there was a half-hour opening drum prayer ceremony to inaugurate the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace March as a project for a scientific spiritual revolution of consciousness into harmony with the natural order, a Global Conscience Revolution.

Santa Barbaran David Crockett Williams drummed and chanted the NaMuMyoHoRenGeKyo medicine word prayer mantra, as has both American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks and Mahatma Gandhi, a prayer practice they all took up from Gandhi’s “Fujii Guruji” Nichidatsu — from 11:45 am until Noon, then 15 minutes announcements, reading press release etc, then 12:15 pm drumming praying for Obama’s pardon of Leonard Peltier so he can lead the closing route walk from Malibu to Santa Barbara next January 26 to February 2, 2016, in person.

The initiating route of the walk will be from Malibu Bluffs Park at 8am on April 13, 2015, to Santa Barbara’s Tree of Peace on the UCSB campus northwest of Storke Tower for an all day Global Peace Council on Earth Day April 22nd before ending Sunday April 26, 2015, at the Sunburst Community Sanctuary near Buellton to see the original proof-of-principle n-Machine free energy generator there, invented by Santa Barbaran Bruce DePalma and first tested by the Sunburst technicians in 1979, re-tested in 1985 by a Stanford University electrical engineering professor, as one of hundreds of suppressed energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to neutralize radioactive wastes, and to produce water to resolve the drought, championed by the proposed Santa Barbara Science Center.