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NEWS - 05MAY99   
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   Going through an overhaul here at the Fusion Factory.  With the amount of
free time provided to me, I will be lucky if I get this page up and running the way
I would like.  Time will tell.  As for the changes here, I am going for a different
look than with the prior page and also more material.  Before I had just planned
on doing skinz, but I think that is doing that above par :)  We will see
what I am going to do here in the next week or so.  I plan on speaking with many
creators of Iconz and Skinz so that I have a good variety listed here at FF.   Let's
hope that I can get some participation.  If you would like to show your work email
me at with a small sample screenshot of your Iconz or Skinz.
NOTE: I will be only accepting Skinz for ICQ, eFX, Windowblinds, TClock, and
possibly some for a few of the Shell Replacements.  Not sure about that one yet
also.  Check back later to see my progress!